Case Study

Improving account penetration for AWS

AWS needed to improve account penetration in greenfield enterprise accounts with a multi-geo program and ambitious timeframe.
Improving account penetration for AWS


AWS faced the challenge of improving account penetration in greenfield enterprise accounts. Working collaboratively with sales and marketing teams, the organization wanted to leverage a multi-geo program to successfully penetrate 20.5% of accounts within an ambitious timeframe of under six months. AWS needed to not just identify the right accounts but also understand how to effectively engage with them.


At a glance

  • Successfully penetrated 20.5% of accounts in under six months
  • Generated pipeline within 96 days
  • Developed tailored engagement strategies


Accounts in under 6 months

96 days

Record-breaking pipeline generation


  • We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify decision-making unit structures within accounts. We mapped and profiled stakeholders, segmenting accounts into cohorts based on cloud maturity
  • We developed tailored engagement strategies, adapting existing content to become relevant to specific accounts and buyer groups, recording key interactions over time to ensure a strategic and cohesive approach
  • We leveraged a limited tech stack to create relevant and personalized content experiences, and implemented sales sprints to empower teams


Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a remarkable improvement in account penetration for AWS. The multi-geo program, strategic engagement designs, and focused sales sprints have contributed to the successful penetration targeted accounts.


  • Successfully penetrated 20.5% of accounts within the stipulated six-month timeframe
  • Enabled teams to break new records e.g. pipeline generation within 96 days


"Thanks to Momentum ITSMA, not only did we know who to talk to but how to talk to them, too."

Ed Lenta, Head of Global Accounts

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