Accelerate account growth for technology providers

Innovation moves at such pace that providers need a way to constantly adapt and differentiate in their crowded markets.

Developing precise, expert strategies for key accounts is critical for success. 

Develop growth strategies with precision and expertise

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Buyers today demand cutting-edge solutions and bespoke experiences. As a result, sales processes have become complex and require sustained, tailored engagement.  

Account-Based Marketing is well-established with leading providers. With that comes a need for better marketing and sales alignment, use of advanced analytics, and automation to effectively demonstrate the potential value gains and ROI on offer.

Our customized solutions help technology providers develop account strategies with precision and expertise. With our unique insights and unrivalled experience, we'll sharpen focus around your most valuable clients.

How we help

Shift go-to-market model to account focus and create a client development culture.


Understand your clients and how to perfectly tune your sales and marketing to their needs. We help to simplify collaboration and streamline internal communications. Our data-driven frameworks keep your entire team aligned and focused on driving client-centric growth.

Design, operationalize, and embed account-based programs for top accounts.


We invented Account-Based Marketing and, with our hands-on experience in key account growth, we know exactly what it takes to propel your strategic clients to new heights. Through meaningful client relationships, we’ll help you execute programs that deepen relationships, enhance reputation, and grow revenue. 

Increase differentiation and improve the buying experience.

We combine a deep understanding of winning behaviours, client needs, and differentiation to help you win more often. With compelling buying experiences and high value opportunity development, we help to grow revenue and make a real impact on pipeline performance.

The level of trust and depth of client relationships play a major role in helping organizations achieve their business objectives. 

Strengthen trust and reputation requires a deep understanding of the environment your clients operate in, the challenges they face, and the actions they should take to overcome their barriers.

Develop a deliberate relationship strategy with attention and focus.


Proactively develop executive and multi-threaded relationships in your high-value accounts by mapping relationships, developing engagement strategies, and driving consistency. 

Land and expand into larger enterprise accounts, launch client-centric solutions and cross sell to new buyers for market-beating growth.  

We help to provide a deep understanding of your account base and buyers, and develop initiatives to expand your market share by winning higher value accounts and high value opportunities.

  • Rich Data Co grey

    Lyndon and her team’s insight, vision, and laser focus on strategy execution in aligning customer executives meant we delivered our unique value proposition concisely and consistently to get a record-breaking business transformation deal over the line. She codifies that experience in this book and provides you with a step-by-step guide in how to inspire customers.

    Ada Guan
    Chief Executive Officer, Rich Data Co 

  • Oracle grey

    We get a partner that we can trust. Because in key accounts, it's commercially sensitive, it's really very sensitive from a relationship point of view between Oracle and its most important customers.

    Michael Avis, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle 

  • Statestreet grey

    We were able to partner with Momentum to quickly show the value of Account-Based Marketing, to pilot that quickly, and had a big contribution to a major business win.

    Iulia Balan, Managing Director, Head of Product and Account-Based Marketing 

    State Street 

  • Statestreet grey

    There is no way that any other partner would be able to do this type of work.

    Wendy Smith, Managing Director of Strategic Marketing, State Street

  • Salesforce grey

    Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked firsthand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation, and relationships with key accounts. This approach works.

    Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce 

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