Integrating client development for professional services providers

Clients demand differentiated insights, continuous value, and the attention of senior decision makers. But they also face partner silos, a regional P&L model, and a culture focused on services rather than clients. 

Customized strategies for professional services

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Professional services firms need marketing and client teams to address the challenges and opportunities inside their key accounts. Evidence-based thought leadership, proactive relationship development, and ongoing client engagement make this happen.

Delivering specialist knowledge, client-led solutions, and personalized client engagement strategies is what we do.

With strong sector experience, specialist client development expertise, and best practice frameworks, we empower you with an approach to grow your most valuable client relationships.  

How we help

Change go-to-market models to have an account focus and create a client development culture.

Understand clients and attune sales and marketing to their needs. We help simplify collaboration and streamline internal communications. Our data-driven frameworks keep your teams aligned and focused on driving client-centric growth.

Design, operationalize, and embed account-based programs for top accounts.

We invented account-based marketing. With our hands-on experience in key account growth, we know exactly what it takes to propel your strategic clients to new heights. We’ll help you execute programs that deepen relationships, enhance reputation, and grow revenue. 

Increase differentiation and improve the buying process.

We combine a deep understanding of winning behaviors, client needs, and differentiation to help you win more often. With compelling buying experiences and value-based client development, we help you grow your opportunity values to new levels to make a real impact on pipeline performance.

Understand existing account perceptions and develop evidence-based perspectives.

Effective thought leadership plays a major role in helping organizations achieve their objectives, influence the way they go to market, and improve performance. However, it requires a deep understanding of the environment your clients operate in, the challenges they face, and the actions they need to take.

Develop a robust relationship strategy that is attentive and focused.

Proactively develop multi-threaded relationships with executive and key influencers in high-value accounts. Map connections, develop engagement strategies, and drive consistency.

Move upstream into larger accounts with new buyers and introduce new high-value solutions.

Expand into enterprise markets, engage new buyers, and introduce tailored offerings to drive market-beating growth. We focus on helping you build long-term relationships with clients, based on a deep understanding of their needs.

  • Statestreet grey

    We were able to pilot account-based marketing really quickly, show the value that can add, and now we're looking ahead to scale across our top business opportunities.

    Iulia Balan, Managing Director, Head of Product and Account-Based Marketing 
    State Street 

  • Dell grey

    I knew we had a hit on our hands when the CEO of a multi-billion-pound organisation started waving the document at Michael Dell during a Zoom call. 

    Elliot Young, Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies

  • Colt grey

    From the start, Momentum recognized the challenges to develop and execute a program like this to our accounts. The interactive network mapping and hyper-personalized content is a highly effective account-based program for us. 

    Jenni Sach, Director, Busness Partner, Colt

  • Rich Data Co grey

    Lyndon and her team’s insight, vision, and laser focus on strategy execution in aligning customer executives meant we delivered our unique value proposition concisely and consistently to get a record-breaking business transformation deal over the line. She codifies that experience in this book and provides you with a step-by-step guide in how to inspire customers.

    Ada Guan
    Chief Executive Officer, Rich Data Co 

  • Oracle grey

    It's a combination of the long haul and sometimes the short-term opportunities that come up. And we found that Momentum can help us enormously in both those scenarios, that's where the strength really comes from, it's being a specialist.

    Michael Avis, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle 


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