Account-Based Certification

Our ABM certification gives you everything you need to master the practices of Account-Based Marketing and drive impact across your strategic accounts.  

Drive market-beating growth with our Account-Based Masterclass

Succeeding with Account-Based Marketing demands a unique blend of marketing skills, leadership capability, and strong client relationships. As the pioneers of ABM, we understand the essential ingredients to drive client-centric growth.

With our ABM training, you’re not only getting a certification; you’re joining an elite community of professionals who’ve harnessed our cutting-edge programs and credentials.

  • Industry leading ABM training with over 3,000 learners
  • Immersion into the methodology and skills to succeed with ABM
  • Online sessions, webinars, and one-to-one mentoring
  • Explore real-world case studies
  • Take part in group work and learn with peers


Who is it for?

Our industry-leading Account-Based Masterclass is exclusively designed for experienced marketing professionals who want to elevate their ABM skills to new heights. 

What will I learn?

  • Understand the three distinct types of ABM: One-to-One, One-to Few and One-to-Many 
  • Develop insights to identify priority accounts for ABM 
  • Build client loyalty and intimacy 
  • Create and sustain deep, long-term relationships 
  • Measure your impact in terms of reputation, relationships, and revenue 
  • Actionable framework you can apply straight away

Program agenda

Session One

Welcome, what is ABM, and selecting the right accounts

Session Two

Playing to the account’s needs and mapping and profiling stakeholders

Session Three

Playing to the account’s needs and mapping and profiling stakeholders

Session Four

Developing targeted value propositions

Session Five

Planning and executing integrated sales and marketing campaigns

Session Six

Evaluating results and updating plans 

Anatomy of a One-to-Few ABM campaign

Anatomy of a One-to-One ABM campaign

Anatomy of a One-to-Many ABM campaign

Open discussion sessions with course leaders and other delegates to check on progress, review training materials and issues, and address challenges as you work on your own ABM plan

Active support and guidance, including regular calls with your assigned ABM mentor, to apply the methodology in developing a practical ABM plan for your selected account or cluster of accounts

  1. Account/cluster selection, insights, and imperatives and initiatives
  2. Plays for the account/cluster
  3. Stakeholder profiles
  4. Campaign plan and metrics

Final deliverable: An action-ready ABM plan for an account or cluster of accounts

Fees and Registration

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Join Hundreds of Marketers with Award-Winning ABM Fundamentals from Momentum ITSMA, empowering you to succeed, drive growth and build lasting relationships

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