Empower winning teams to drive client growth

At Momentum, our learning and development solutions transform your team's client-centricity, equipping them with new skills and behaviors to help build the teams of tomorrow. 

By bringing to life definitive client growth and account-based strategies, we arm your teams with the skills they need to sharpen client focus - across strategic client development, Account-Based Marketing, and client-centric marketing.

We use a consultative approach to develop learning solutions that fit your unique business. Our insights are fueled by real-world data, both on your clients and the current capability of your team. This helps us design upfront and optimize as we go.

Our approach supports learning integrated into the flow of work. We minimize time spent in a classroom and maximize practical skills that help build capabilities effectively and drive performance.

  • 3,000+

    ABMers trained 

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    of our learners are likely to recommend our courses

Our ABM certification provides you and your team with everything you need to master account-based marketing (ABM) and create lasting relationships with clients. As the pioneers of ABM, we’ve trained more professionals than anyone else. We deliver tailored pathways to ensure success at every level and draw on our unmatched expertise, proven methodologies, data and practical experiences, to empower your teams to deliver a world-class ABM program.

We work with clients to solidify best-practice in their organizations. We develop a curriculum underpinned by the principles of our integrated account development approach to help develop client-centric marketing skills. Benefit from a tailored learner journey that leads to an improved and more effective approach across your entire marketing team.

To solidify best practice across your organization, we develop tailored learning curriculums to develop marketing maturity and enhance client-centricity. Our learning programs help the development of your marketing teams and provide custom development for your career pathways. We make use of tailored learner journeys at every level within marketing and deliver learning in the flow of work, to help you shape a leading team.

Ensure client-facing executive, sales, SMEs, and delivery teams are equipped to proactively engage clients and develop meaningful relationships. We'll build tailored learning programs to help these teams and ensure integrated client development. 

Whether you’re new to ABM or looking to enhance your client marketing skills, our Fundamentals program provides a solid foundation. We'll equip you with the skills need to deepen relationships, enhance reputation, and grow revenue in your strategic accounts. With flexible online learning, you can go at your own pace and find the perfect balance between self-study and support from our seasoned practitioners. Gain the expertise you need to drive growth with your most valuable accounts. 

  • V Mware grey

    This program has been game-changing, completely turning around the CIO’s view of how VMware can support them.

    VMware marketing team

  • Microsoft grey

    One of the biggest successes we've had is our partnership with Momentum. In particular, the thought process around the materials that we build together and the insights that we deliver back into the account team, again and again, have driven such incredible impact.

    Carrie Holmes
    Director of Marketing, Strategic Accounts, Microsoft 

  • Accenture grey

    Put simply, Lyndon’s team and process drive incredible impact. Thanks to the support of Alisha’s team, our account team was able to harmonize the siloed activities and messages and structure this in a five-pillar strategy that everyone in the account team was able to articulate well at an international bank in the Netherlands, leading to the biggest deal in the history of our company.

    Eric Visser
    Head of Ecosystem Sourcing Services, Accenture 

  • Arup joined Momentum to take one step closer to becoming a truly client-centric firm. During this time, our Client Team has grown and become established in providing client marketing... ensuring they put the client at the heart of their plans, engagement, and positioning activity. 

    Vicky Jones, Associate Client Teams Leader


  • Rich Data Co grey

    Lyndon and her team’s insight, vision, and laser focus on strategy execution in aligning customer executives meant we delivered our unique value proposition concisely and consistently to get a record-breaking business transformation deal over the line. She codifies that experience in this book and provides you with a step-by-step guide in how to inspire customers.

    Ada Guan
    Chief Executive Officer, Rich Data Co