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The consultancy that puts client relationships first.

Momentum is the growth consultancy obsessed with your client success. Our market-leading research, learning, consultancy, and content helps businesses turn accounts into valued partnerships and succeed with client-centric growth strategies. 

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Who we are

We invented ABM in 2003. Now we’re reinventing client growth strategy.

Momentum has a history of innovation – pioneering account-based marketing at the turn of the millennium. And we haven’t stopped innovating since.

Today, we help large organizations grow market share by centering their go-to-market strategy on the most important thing in business: clients. By creating deep and meaningful relationships, you can go beyond traditional business interactions and ignite a spirit of partnership that propels everybody.

Impact of our work

  • 5x

    Improvement in win rates by embedding a strategic client culture and motivating greater senior attention on deepening client relationships

  • 16%

    Increase in year-on-year revenue with the design and implementation of stronger strategic client programs.

  • 3000

    Professionals that we have certified in ABM.

  • 2x

    Lift in Net Promoter Score as a result of the actions taken from our client analysis.


Client choice

Where the stakes are high and the expectations even higher. Trusted by the world's leading companies, we partner with over 60% of the S&P 100.

Execution at speed

We excel at global programs, by working closely with you as an extension of your team, drawing on expert practices, to prioritize short- and long-term client focus for rapid, sustainable value creation.

Unrivalled expertise

Nobody knows how the Global 2000 buy like we do. Our expert practices and experience ensures we partner with you to deliver lasting growth unlike any other firm.

Continuous innovation

We understand how clients buy and combine this with our go-to-market experience to fuel success. We have the expertise, tools, and processes that have defined Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and continue to lead innovation in this discipline.


Explore the Account-Based Marketing Podcast

Dive into our top 100 management podcast Account-Based Marketing Podcast to hear how market leaders are driving strategic growth.

A collection of conversations with business leaders, sharing thoughts and practical tips for growing your valuable clients.

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Make your clients
your world.

Our people think big and deliver big.

Our team are as client-centric as the strategies we build for you. 

We have a restless energy, are proactive and always lead with the best advice drawing on our knowledge of what really works. We take extreme ownership of our partnership with you – so you benefit from our expertise in strategic client development and marketing, our unrivalled experience in developing accounts from the global 2,000 and deep desire to help you win. 

As one team, we can help you to build win-win relationships.

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Our offices

  • MHR grey

    Successfully relaunching People First was a vital part of MHR’s growth strategy. The results so far have been very positive. Momentum ITSMA’s allowed us to address multiple objectives.

    Anton Rose CEO, MHR

  • Salesforce grey

    The strategies have served as a playbook for me over the years with my top accounts, delivering impressive results. To any B2B organization that is looking to win or grow strategic accounts, I recommend partnering with Alisha’s team.

    Danny Nail, Global Centre of Excellence Lead, Salesforce 

  • Salesforce grey

    Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked firsthand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation and relationships with key accounts. This approach works.

    Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce 

  • Statestreet grey

    Ultimately, it comes down to the impressive team that gave us the confidence. This is truly outstanding work by Momentum. 

    Iulia Balan, Managing Director, Head of Product and Account-Based Marketing 
    State Street 

  • Statestreet grey

    This is truly outstanding work by Momentum.

    Hannah Grove, Chief Marketing Officer, State Street

  • Statestreet grey

    We were able to partner with Momentum to quickly show the value of account-based marketing, to pilot that quickly, and had a big contribution to a major business win.

    Iulia Balan, Managing Director, Head of Product and Account-Based Marketing 

    State Street 

  • Statestreet grey

    There is no way they any other partner would be able to do this type of work.

    Wendy Smith, Managing Director of Strategic Marketing, State Street

  • Core HR grey

    The work that we have done together, has really helped us elevate the position of marketing, with the board, and with the wider group of JML.

    Gaynor Finlay, Vice President of Marketing, CoreHR  

  • Oracle grey

    It's quite a brutal environment. Major account sales is quite a brutal environment, and often people  get fairly overwhelmed by that. I was prepared to let them work with me directly with account teams.

    Michael Avis, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle 

  • Statestreet grey

    We were able to pilot account-based marketing really quickly, show the value that can add, and now we're looking ahead to scale across our top business opportunities.

    Iulia Balan, Managing Director, Head of Product and Account-Based Marketing 
    State Street 

  • Salesforce grey

    Momentum is a strategic growth consultancy. They are partners, always bringing additional value to the table with deep knowledge and bringing innovation in their approach.

    Danny Nail, Global Head of ABM, Salesforce 

  • Oracle grey

    It's a combination of the long haul and sometimes the short term opportunities that come up. And we found that Momentum can help us enormously in both those scenarios, that's where the strength really comes from, it's being a specialist.

    Michael Avis, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle 


  • Core HR grey

    That speed and agility and creativity in being able to get up and running really helped.

    Gaynor Finlay, Vice President of Marketing, CoreHR

  • Oracle grey

    We get a partner that we can trust. Because in key accounts, It's commercially sensitive, it's really very sensitive from a relationship point of view between Oracle and its most important customers.

    Michael Avis, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle 

  • Microsoft grey

    One of the biggest successes we've had is our partnership with Momentum. In particular, the thought process around the materials that we build together and the insights that we deliver back into the account team, again and again, have driven such incredible impact.

    Carrie Holmes
    Director of Marketing, Strategic Accounts, Microsoft 

  • Centrica grey

    The team have played an important role throughout the process of planning, launching and growing Centrica Business Solutions – from helping us initially develop a distinctive market story, through to building targeted vertical propositions, creating high-quality content assets and delivering tools to enable our teams. Their support has been first-class throughout.

    Simon Farr
    Head of Marketing, Centrica

  • MHR grey

    Successfully relaunching People First was a vital part of MHR’s growth strategy. Momentum's approach allowed us to address multiple objectives – internal education, thought leadership,  and sales enablement – in an integrated way, enabling us to achieve a huge amount in a short space of time.

    Anton Roe
    CEO, MHR

  • Accenture grey

    Put simply, Lyndon’s team and process drive incredible impact. Thanks to the support of Alisha’s team, our account team was able to harmonize the siloed activities and messages and structure this in a five-pillar strategy that everyone in the account team was able to articulate well at an international bank in the Netherlands, leading to the biggest deal in the history of our company.

    Eric Visser
    Head of Ecosystem Sourcing Services, Accenture 

  • Rich Data Co grey

    Lyndon and her team’s insight, vision, and laser focus on strategy execution in aligning customer executives meant we delivered our unique value proposition concisely and consistently to get a record-breaking business transformation deal over the line. She codifies that experience in this book and provides you with a step- by-step guide in how to inspire customers.

    Ada Guan
    Chief Executive Officer, Rich Data Co 

  • In my experience, Momentum ITSMA training and certification is the best training there is.

    Andrea Clatworthy

  • Colt grey

    From the start, Momentum recognized the challenges to develop and execute a program like this to our accounts. The interactive network mapping and hyper-personalized content is a highly effective account-based program for us. 

    Jenni Sach, Director, Busness Partner, Colt

  • Vodafone grey

    Momentum understands what it actually takes to deliver an integrated go-to-market strategy, and their ability to engage with all of the stakeholders in our business to drive things forward, really sets them apart.

    Sam Hoyland, Head of Group Enterprise Marketing, Vodafone

  • V Mware grey

    This program has been game changing; completely turning around the CIO’s view of how VMware can support them.

    VMware marketing team

  • Dell grey

    I knew we had a hit on our hands when the CEO of a multi-billion-pound organisation started waving the document at Michael Dell during a Zoom call. 

    Elliot Young, Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies