Connect with clients on a new level

Ensure your growth strategies are relevant with our research. Our deep understanding of ABM and client growth mean we design research programs that support integrated account development and marketing programs that maximize ROI.

Our client-oriented approach is built on understanding how clients make purchasing decisions. This allows us to design research that sharpens your client focus, ensuring insights are relevant and actionable.

We don't just deliver research findings, we provide strategic guidance that supports behavior change and actions to deepen client relationships and enhance reputation.

We help you to size your account base, assess competitive landscape, and prioritize clients. By understanding the needs of your accounts, we help you to develop effective account plays, content, and engagement strategies.

We help you measure your reputation across your account base, and drive meaningful actions to improve reputation for high-value clients. This includes understanding how accounts currently perceive you, the equity in the relationship, overall satisfaction levels, and willingness to advocate. 

Client relationships need constant attention and strategic investment. We'll help you to spot and prevent risk, leverage opportunities, and know how likely you are to retain a relationship. Assess your operational efficiency across regions and accounts to build a culture of strategic client management.

Why do some buying processes succeed while others slip away? Our buying process research helps you to understand buyer personas, map buyer journeys, and learn from win/loss analysis. Gain the clarity you need to stay competitive and build lasting relationships with your most valuable clients.

Our research shows senior executives most value a combination of survey-driven research that explores the opinions and actions of peers, clients, and consumers, alongside deep-dive interviews with experts. We turn data and insights into novel, provocative, and timely stories to engage key clients and prospects.

  • Dell grey

    I knew we had a hit on our hands when the CEO of a multi-billion-pound organisation started waving the document at Michael Dell during a Zoom call. 

    Elliot Young, Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies

  • Microsoft grey

    One of the biggest successes we've had is our partnership with Momentum. In particular, the thought process around the materials that we build together and the insights that we deliver back into the account team, again and again, have driven such incredible impact.

    Carrie Holmes
    Director of Marketing, Strategic Accounts, Microsoft 

  • Arup joined Momentum to take one step closer to becoming a truly client-centric firm. During this time, our Client Team has grown and become established in providing client marketing... ensuring they put the client at the heart of their plans, engagement, and positioning activity. 

    Vicky Jones, Associate Client Teams Leader


  • Core HR grey

    The work that we have done together has really helped us elevate the position of marketing, with the board and with the wider group of JML.

    Gaynor Finlay, Vice President of Marketing, CoreHR  

  • Core HR grey

    That speed and agility and creativity in being able to get up and running really helped.

    Gaynor Finlay, Vice President of Marketing, CoreHR