Are you a thought leader or a thought lagger?

  • 19 Jun 2024
Mark Wellings

Mark Wellings

Discover the strategic power of effective thought leadership with the Momentum ITSMA 2024 Thought Leadership Benchmark Report. This comprehensive study provides insights from over 400 global practitioners, highlighting how top performers in thought leadership are driving organizational success and setting the benchmarks for tomorrow.

Elevate your influence: A guide to thought leadership best practice

The Momentum ITSMA 2024 Thought Leadership Benchmark Report is a comprehensive study of over 400 global practitioners that highlights how thought leadership—when done right—is integral to business strategy, innovation, and market influence.

Key Findings Overview

  • Leaders vs. laggards: Discover the practices that differentiate the most successful thought leadership programs from those that underperform.
  • Strategic impact: Learn how top organizations integrate thought leadership into their core business strategies to achieve remarkable growth and market presence.
  • Investment insights: Dive into budgeting trends and future expectations that distinguish leaders from laggards in thought leadership.
  • Challenges and opportunities: Uncover the persistent challenges and emerging opportunities in thought leadership, including the role of generative AI and content personalization.
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Visionary Impact - cover for 2024 Thought Leadership Benchmark Report

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Mark Wellings

Mark Wellings