Rethink ABM - US

Join us at Rethink ABM - USA to challenge the status quo, gain unparalleled insights, and redefine the future of Account-Based Marketing. 

Rethink ABM - USA

Rethink ABM represents a watershed moment in marketing, 20 years in the making. Traditional Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies are under scrutiny. It’s time to confront the reality: to succeed, ABM must evolve.

Join us to challenge the status quo, gain unparalleled insights, and redefine the future of Account-Based Marketing. This event is for ambitious senior marketing leaders and ABM practitioners who are ready to lead their organizations with innovative approaches and transformative strategies.


  • A powerful and provocative keynote to inspire a new leadership approach
  • In-depth, practical workshops with award-winning marketers
  • Insightful panel discussions featuring diverse perspectives
  • Networking opportunities with senior marketers 



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Alisha Lyndon, CEO, Momentum, shares her thoughts on this pivotal moment in marketing history. 


The label 'Account-Based Marketing' is misunderstood, misused, an empty promise. It speaks of client-centricity but lacks authenticity.

Imagine if everything you did helped everybody win – you and your key clients. That you understood clients so deeply, empathized with them so effectively and inspired them so strongly, they couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.

The ethos of ABM is at risk. It needs reframing.


Refreshments and speed networking

Dig into the tactics that align sales and marketing for maximum client-centricity and client-driven growth.

This panel of sales and marketing leaders will explore the impact alignment has on ABM programs (and vice versa), give honest accounts of times when teams have clashed and the lessons learned, and share their advice on how to boost your reputation, relationships, and revenue through effective teamwork.

Our latest Client Buying Index (CBX) reveals that buyers are using generative AI to research and evaluate solution providers. A full 71% of our survey respondents agree that generative AI will change the way they work with vendors. Its most advanced users are convinced that the technology will even help them make better purchase decisions.

This fireside discussion will dive into the impact of generative AI on how we work with clients - and our colleagues - and explore ways to seize the generative AI opportunity. 



Our breakout workshops are designed to allow you to network with your peers, troubleshoot challenges, and ask questions in a supportive environment. 

Choose the session most relevant to you. 

Room 1: Enterprise decision-makers are enthusiastic about the potential of generative AI and are confident it will simplify their jobs. The Momentum Client Buying Index (CBX) reveals that 79% of the most advanced generative AI users believe it will help them make better purchase decisions. But are marketers as advanced in their usage? 

In this workshop, you will discover where marketers stand in their use of generative AI in sales and marketing processes and explore the optimal use cases for generative AI and AI within the Momentum's 7-Steps of Account-Based Marketing framework. We encourage you to share your "tales from the floor" and engage in an open discussion about this highly publicized yet often misunderstood technology.

This breakout is best for marketers at the start of their generative AI journey who are looking for ways to effectively trial and explore its potential.   

Room 2: ABM program leaders are tasked with integrating generative AI into their processes in ways that drive tangible ROI, enhance efficiency, and scale effectively.

This workshop will dissect and debate these challenges, exploring how to embed generative AI to overcome common program pitfalls and leverage its full potential.

We will examine real-world use cases and risk management strategies, discuss the latest research insights, and spark an open discussion on navigating the complexities of generative AI in sales and marketing.  

You will leave with actionable insights and a clearer understanding of how to develop a robust, effective generative AI strategy that addresses your unique program needs and balances innovation with practical implementation.

This breakout is best for marketers who have had some success with generative AI and are looking for ways to embed the technology.

Our breakout workshops are designed to allow you to network with your peers, troubleshoot challenges, and ask questions in a supportive environment. Select the breakout that best suits your needs and organizational objectives. 

Room 1: Scaling ABM programs

Learn how to scale an existing successful ABM approach and deploy it across a broader range of accounts, to co-innovate and create demand across the organization.

Room 2: Innovating client programs for growth

Learn how to effectively leverage marketing technology, tools, research, and analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs and deliver programs that drive customer or revenue growth.

Fewer vendors are reaching ‘trusted advisor’ status. In 2019, buyers had on average four vendors whom they considered trusted advisors. Today, they have just two on average. 

Our panel of buyers and sellers discuss the tactics that instil confidence and conviction in buyers – and the tactics that fail to make an impact. We’ll explore key findings from the Momentum Client Buying Index (CBX) study and share real-world stories of the buying process done well – and done badly. 


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Rethink ABM - USA

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    Carrie Holmes
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  • In my experience, Momentum ITSMA training and certification is the best training there is.

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