Case Study

Building a CxO program for AWS

AWS needed to engage executive audiences globally, minimize channel conflicts, and optimize every touchpoint to drive revenue.
Building a CxO program for AWS


AWS needed to construct a comprehensive approach aimed at engaging executive audiences globally, while unifying the experience for CxOs. The primary objectives included minimizing channel conflicts, establishing role clarity within internal teams, and developing a program to optimize every touchpoint. The goal was to deliver impactful executive experiences, build stronger relationships, and drive an increase in revenue.


At a glance

  • Reduced channel conflict
  • High-impact executive experience
  • Substantial increase in revenue


  • We conducted an extensive audit of existing landing zones, reviewing all current touchpoints, experiences, and engagement approaches
  • We provided visionary recommendations on buyer journeys, emphasizing overall integration across martech components, and meticulously detailing engagement maps
  • We established a strategic framework to serve as the foundation for expanding and scaling a best-in-class global engagement strategy


By collaborating with AWS to conduct a thorough audit and provide visionary recommendations, we created a robust CxO program, successfully reducing channel conflicts and increasing role clarity among internal teams.

  • Strategic framework for a best-in-class global engagement strategy
  • Empowered AWS to deliver high-impact executive experiences and forge stronger relationships
  • Substantial increase in revenue

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