Ask Momentum ITSMA: If our Clients are so Happy, Why Aren’t we More Successful?

Momentum ITSMA Staff

December 29, 2020

Julie Schwartz shares secrets to voice of the client success and answers the question: if clients are happy, why aren’t we more successful?

Ask Momentum ITSMA: If our Clients are so Happy, Why Aren’t we More Successful?

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“Collecting data is easy. Collecting the right data from the right people can be a challenge.”

Most companies understand the importance of client feedback and gather data to improve client satisfaction and loyalty, but many struggle to take full advantage of their voice of the client data and drive real business change. In this Ask Momentum ITSMA video, Julie Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Research & Thought Leadership at Momentum ITSMA, shares the seven secrets to voice of the client success as she answers the question, “if our clients are so happy, why aren’t we more successful?”

While many companies listen to the voice of the client, more profitable relationships don’t come just from listening alone – they come from taking action on the feedback. Voice of the client programs can be a powerful tool to foster a client-centered culture, improve overall client satisfaction, deepen client relationships, and drive profitable business growth.

Momentum ITSMA research has uncovered seven secrets to voice of the client success:

  1. Implement a comprehensive program, not an isolated research activity
  2. Establish benchmarks
  3. Emphasize the learning, not the metrics
  4. Interview the people who matter most
  5. Implement a closed loop process on both the strategic and tactical levels
  6. Communicate your results with employees and accounts
  7. Cultivate client advocates

Remember, listening is easy, taking action is the challenge. You need to create a disciplined approach to work across the organization to make tangible, data-driven improvements in the customer experience that lead to greater customer success, deeper relationships, more effective customer advocacy and, ultimately, more profitable relationships.