Standing on the shoulders of brand giants

  • 06 Jun 2024
Alisha Lyndon

Alisha Lyndon

When a brand is rooted in history, how can you stay relevant and drive innovation without losing client trust and loyalty?

In a recent conversation with Janis Fratamico, former Head of Brand Experience at BNY Mellon, we explored the intricate balance of leveraging a rich heritage to fuel the future.

For a brand giant like BNY Mellon, its heritage is testament to 240 years of resilience, innovation, and trust. However, in a world where change is the only constant, you need to stay agile to evolving needs and marketing trends.

“We lean on our history,” Janis explained. “But you don’t want to focus on the years past. So it’s that delicate dance of using your history in order to be able to fuel a future-forward message.”

Making moments

At its core, brand experience goes beyond mere demographics. Instead it delves deep into an intricate web of emotions, perceptions, and connections. As a result, Janis says, it’s about thinking of different ways to tell the story about who you are, what you do, and what you believe in.

“There are the moments we have with clients that we know are important,” she explains. “And there are chances to connect with clients where they didn’t expect it.”

Every interaction with a client shapes brand perception. Therefore, it’s essential to create positive, memorable experiences at every touchpoint. When clients come together for events or any time your organization reaches out to them – even the process of signing a contract – that’s all part of the brand experience, Janis emphasizes.

“What’s the meeting vibe? What is it like where they ultimately need to sign a contract? How many hoops do they have to go through? How effectively do our solutions and products work? All of that drives brand value, brand experience, and brand perception. So those individuals have more power than anything that we could possibly buy.”

The power of client voices

Clients are the most valuable brand ambassadors, Janis believes. For this reason, the best way to create and modernize brand perception is through your clients’ voices. By doing this, you’re also creating a sales and marketing asset to drive more opportunity.

“We’re really looking to our clients to tell their stories in a way where they’re the hero of their story,” Janis says. “Client storytelling becomes a commercial asset that we can use more audibly.”

Infusing emotion into every aspect of the brand experience keeps you authentic and inspires clients to stay on the journey with you. And Janis’s passion for being laser-focused on what truly matters to clients is evident.

Measuring success

Shifting focus to metrics, Janis believes the compass for measuring brand success always points to commercial viability. It’s not just about marketing tactics; it’s about driving real results. You’ve got the quantitative metrics, first and foremost: revenue, brand value, etc. Yet there’s a softer side too, where you tap into the pulse of perception and look beyond revenue figures.

“There’s the vibe, there’s the feeling, and the buzz. Are we being talked about? Is there an uplift in our social media posts? Are our employees proud? And that’s just as important.”

Even brand giants can’t remain static in an ever-shifting world. Blending tradition with agility and innovation is the key to keeping your brand anchored in the hearts and minds of your clients.

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Alisha Lyndon

Alisha Lyndon