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Where B2B Marketers Accelerate Growth Through Best Practices

Momentum ITSMA Staff

July 7, 2022

In June 2022 Momentum ITSMA introduced the Growth Hub, the industry’s most dynamic community of B2B marketers who want to accelerate business growth.

Where B2B Marketers Accelerate Growth Through Best Practices

The Growth Hub expands on Momentum ITSMA’s nearly three decades of community building with B2B services and solutions marketers at the world’s leading companies. Over the years, we have focused on providing our member community with insight, advice, and hands-on help on critical growth topics such as Account-Based Marketing, to strengthen reputation, increase revenue, and deepen customer relationships.

Now, with the Growth Hub, we have introduced an interactive, dynamic platform that offers members unlimited access to a wealth of community intelligence, knowledge, respected experts, and peer-to-peer learning to develop your skills, relationships, and success.

The Growth Hub is available free to all your B2B Marketers, Sales people, and other team members who focus on driving growth at Member Companies. It offers access to:

Research and Insight

  • Center of Excellence aligned content and insight from our dedicated studies
  • Monthly live sessions with subject matter experts and Thought Leadership team.
  • Annual Customer Buying Index study of buyers of high value products and services.
  • Benchmark data (give-to-get)


  • Online briefings and webinars with SMEs, mentors, ambassadors
  • Professional training (member rates)

Consultancy & Advisory

  • Unpacking value from our unique research
  • Team assessments to benchmark your real-world capabilities.
  • Ask your Community Q&A and Ask Momentum ITSMA to validate your strategy and approach.


  • Value Planning to help your entire team extract maximum ROI
  • ‘Always on’ dedicated professional community platform
  • Peer-to-peer engagement with leading global enterprise
  • Download Momentum ITSMA practical know-how and community intelligence
  • Exec Sponsor Leadership Roundtables
  • Marketing Executive Leadership Forum
  • Marketing Vision Conference
  • Member Councils

The Growth Hub currently offers three Centers of Excellence – Leadership & Transformation, Account-Based Growth, and Programs & Engagement – hosted by respected SMEs and leaders from the community. CoEs are designed to help you become the most effective marketing expert you can. We’ll share thought leadership, research, interviews and case studies – all designed to inspire you, boost your confidence and increase the likelihood of success, giving you the opportunity to interact with peers, put questions to our subject matter experts and share your own expertise with the community.

You also have access to a global network where you can build long-term relationships with peers who understand your specific challenges and get real world answers, in real time, from people who’ve already been there and done that.

One member summarized the benefits of the Momentum ITSMA community, which is migrating to the Growth Hub, this way:

Over the years, the openness about this community has meant the most. We’re all great at sharing and confident to do that with each other because we trust each other not to over disclose. I think that's lovely. It's kind of unique. It's really special.

- Growth Hub member

Another member added:

The embracing of the community and the sharing is unique. How it can apply across different industries and among people who are your competitors from a business perspective – sharing the challenges is just so rewarding.

- Growth Hub member

For more than 25 years, Momentum ITSMA has led the way in defining, building, and inspiring a community of B2B marketers who focus on excellence and growth. The Growth Hub builds on that foundation and offers a new, richer community that is dedicated to helping everyone win.

Join the party
Growth Hub members have full access to the Growth Hub platform as an inclusive benefit to all existing members at no extra charge; find out if your organization is a member here. To find out how your organization can become a member and gain access to our ambassadors, research, and community of experts, simply reach out to luisa.jones@momentumitsma.com for a live demonstration.