Our Top 12 Most-Seen Posts

Momentum ITSMA Staff

December 20, 2022

We've pulled together our most popular posts from the last twelve months as a little treat. Make yourself comfortable and dig into our sack of expert insights, advice, best practices, analysis, research, event roundups, success stories, and more.

Our Top 12 Most-Seen Posts

‘Tis the season of giving. But at Momentum ITSMA we like to share all year round.

So, we’ve pulled together our most popular posts from the last twelve months as a little treat. Make yourself comfortable and dig into our sack of expert insights, advice, best practices, analysis, research, event roundups, success stories, and more.

1. 4 tips for creating a team of ABM superstars

Navin Rammohan, Vice President, Segment Head Marketing at Infosys, knows a thing or two about building successful ABM teams. And his advice certainly resonated with our audience, who made this our most popular blog post of 2022. Learn why marketing teams need more problem finders than solvers, how to identify empathetic candidates, when potential beats direct experience, and the importance of getting buy-in at all levels.

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2. Elephants, Unicorns, and ABM in Challenging Financial Times

You can’t deny the elephant in the room—but that doesn’t mean you have to let fear dominate your strategy. Economic volatility, like any other change, brings both challenges and opportunities. Agile ABM expert Marlowe Fenne offers sound strategic advice and underscores the importance of revenue, relationships and reputation. This one is packed with links to valuable tools and resources.

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3. Courage & collaboration: thriving with pursuit-based marketing

Accenture’s Stephanie Winters McConnell unpacks pursuit-based marketing and how it complements long-term ABM strategic campaigns. From aligning sales and marketing to nailing your messaging and adopting a “follow the sun” mentality—Stephanie shares her winning recipe for growth. 

Check out the key takeaways and listen to the full podcast here.

4. Day Two of Marketing Vision 2022: Taking ABM to the Next Level

Momentum ITSMA’s Marketing Vision, in Cambridge, MA, USA, brought together ABM leaders from top-tier organizations, including IBM, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. And the insights came thick and fast. In this post, Momentum ITSMA CEO Alisha Lyndon recaps key takeaways and offers four critical actions for sustained ABM success.

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5. ABM trends and tactics to watch in 2022

Who can resist a trend piece? Back in February, Momentum ITSMA’s Selin Paeck shared her top four “ones to watch” for 2022. Looking back, she pretty much nailed it. This blog remains a worthwhile read with loads of actionable insights. We can’t wait to find out Selin’s predictions for 2023!

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6. From managing chaos to creating fans: a recap of Marketing Vision 2022

How can marketers drive growth during chaos? Is business transformation surviving market volatility? When everything’s a priority, what do you prioritize? What are ABM leaders doing that others aren’t? Our Marketing Vision 2022 final roundup is guaranteed to get you pumped for this year!

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7. Celebrating milestone wins and record success

“Since our acquisition of ITSMA, we’ve doubled down on our capabilities and developed a proposition that is unmatched in our industry,” says Alisha Lyndon. Our founder reflects on a year of new services, and major account wins for Momentum ITSMA. Find out what’s changed at our bigger and better agency.

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8. Powering best practice at payment market leader

Sometimes results are about creating the structures and environment to drive them. In this case study, we reveal how Momentum ITSMA helped a global leader in payment and credit management solutions establish a robust ABM program office and key account management program—including segmenting and mapping 200 accounts.

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9. Account-Based Growth Requires Care and Feeding

Adam Bennington argues that account-based growth has become a diluted term. So how do you stay true to its original intent and create long-term impact within your most valuable accounts, and deliver on overall business priorities? This popular excerpt from Axioms of Account-Based Growth will point you in the right direction.

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10. Three questions to ask before scaling an ABM program

Higher revenues. Deeper relationships. Enhanced brand reputation. Once you taste success with ABM, you will inevitably want to scale. However, it’s quite a leap from a successful ABM program to a full-blown account-based growth strategy. So ask yourself these three questions…

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11. Enterprise Buyers are shifting behaviors in a volatile marketplace

Post-pandemic worries dominate customer conversations, from talent (or lack thereof) to rising interest rates, inflation, and supply chain disruption. The Momentum ITSMA Customer Buying Index (CBX) 2022 helps you get a handle on executives’ new priorities and changing buying cycles. This blog gives you a sneak peek.

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12. How do I introduce ABM into my B2B strategy?

Last but by no means least. This evergreen post is the perfect kick-off point for anyone embarking on their ABM journey (or anyone wanting to check their progress). Robert Hollier makes a case for account-based marketing and the cornerstones of successful implementation—with success stories demonstrating the value of ABM in action.

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We hope you enjoy these posts. Even if you’ve seen one or two already, there are bound to be some nuggets you missed. We love creating valuable content and always appreciate feedback—so let us know what issues or topics you’d like us to cover. And here’s to another year of ABM insights!