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Lawn mowers go on holiday

Momentum ITSMA Staff

April 26, 2023

We're sending our lawn mowers on holiday! Our thinking started with this startling fact: over the past 20-years, the UK’s insect population has plummeted by 60%.

Lawn mowers go on holiday

Lawnmowers on holiday. A new ESG idea from Mowmentum

Coming up with an ESG initiative can feel like trying to save the planet, improve society and make your workmates happy – all at once.

Not only does it require buy-in from different levels of the organization, but the initiative must be engaging and enjoyable enough for people to take ownership, otherwise it simply won’t meet its goals.

Recently we had a brainstorm to see if we could come up with an idea that might help the world in some way. An idea that would do good as well as be good to do. I’m pleased to say we emerged with something that we are now eager to launch and action.

Our thinking started with this startling fact. Over the past 20-years, the UK’s insect population has plummeted by 60% according to the Natural History Museum.

This is not good news. Bees and bugs are an important part of our natural ecosystem. They are responsible for pollination, decomposition, and nutrient cycling and a critical food source for many other animals. However, they are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, pesticide use and climate change.

One simple way we can help these creatures is by letting lawns grow long. Cut lawns are essentially barren monocultures that offer little in the way of habitat for insects. In fact, the constant mowing, fertilizing, and pesticides that are used to maintain a manicured lawn can be very harmful to bee, butterfly and insect populations.

That’s why during May and June this year, we at Momentum ITSMA will be giving our lawnmowers annual leave. Yes, our mowers and garden strimmer’s will be taking some well-deserved holidays and enjoy a little “kicking back”. Some will hit the beaches. Others may decide on a city break. One or two will be propping up the bars.

During those two months of grass cutting abstinence, we will rewild our gardens and create mini jungles for beetles and other small creatures to wander and encourage grasses and wildflowers to bloom and provide nectar.

While that’s happening, shots of our lawnmowers out and about will be landing all over social media adorned with the tag line “My mowers on its holidays”. Please note; lawnmowers from our US office will be “on vacation”.

If and when you see them – please do give them a like. Better still a share. Most of all, if it’s the kind of initiative that you can see working for your business – why not rally the troops and make it yours too.

We love to hear what you’re doing to drive your ESG strategies. Please get in touch if you’d like to join the discussion – info@momentumitsma.com