Case Study

Building trusted CxO relationships for Cloudera

We empowered Cloudera to enhance its market presence and bolster its CxO relationships with effective tools and strategies.
Building trusted CxO relationships for Cloudera


Cloudera wanted to enhance its market presence and build trusted CxO relationships. The organization needed to build a compelling value proposition and empower its market-facing teams with effective tools and strategies to drive meaningful conversations and open up new revenue opportunities.

At a glance

  • Developed robust value proposition
  • Designed sales enablement tools
  • Created over 17 new account opportunities


New account opportunities created


  • We crafted a comprehensive value proposition encompassing market context, competitive landscape analysis, audience segmentation, and persona-based positioning
  •  We developed sales enablement tools, providing guidance on everyday conversations, conversation starters, and best practice communications, including personalized emails to C-suite executives and strategies for social selling
  • We executed a strategy for account engagement, leveraging key assets, including videos and thought-leadership material, and repurposing existing content across the account journey


Our collaboration with Cloudera has resulted in a transformative shift, empowering the organization to articulate its value proposition effectively, build meaningful CxO relationships and uncover new revenue streams.

  • Compelling value proposition provides clarity in market positioning and audience targeting
  • Market-facing teams equipped with tools for effective communications with C-suite executives
  • Developed over 17 new account opportunities

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