Developing the executive engagement strategy for AWS

  • 5 min
  • 05 Jun 2024

AWS was looking to develop its approach to engage executive audiences and unify the experience for existing and new executive relationships globally. 

We conducted a diagnostic of current relationship strength across prioritized set of relationships, and reviewed activity across all touchpoints, experiences, and engagement approaches.

  • 3k

    Relationships mapped

  • 1

    Established new strategy for relationship building

  • 230%

    Improvement in relationship strength

We developed a strategy on relationship journeys, overall integration across martech components, and detailed engagement maps. We went on to established a framework to expand and scale a best-in-class relationship development strategy.

We reduced channel conflict, created role clarity among internal teams, and built a program to optimize every touchpoint. The result was the delivery of integrated executive experiences, stronger relationships, and increased revenue.

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