The pioneers of Account-Based Marketing

At Momentum ITSMA, we’re the pioneers of Account-Based Marketing. We offer unrivaled experience and expertise to sharpen account focus for market-beating growth. Our services redefine success through strategic practices, cutting-edge ABM certification and training, and innovative programs.

Our comprehensive ABM solutions empower businesses to transform niche supplier relationships into significant investments, ensuring long-term strategic account growth.

Prioritizing and selecting accounts

Navigate the dynamic Business to Business marketing landscape with precision using our services for dynamic account prioritization and segmentation. Stay agile and effective by tailoring your Account-Based Marketing strategy to evolving priorities and organizational changes. Choose the best accounts for your organization’s goals and gain valuable insights to drive market-beating growth.


Effective ABM programs draw upon a diverse range of skills and capabilities. Leading initiatives prioritize detailed account and industry sector insights, alongside sales and marketing alignment. We assist your organization in implementing a successful strategy. This involves creating stakeholder profiles, mapping customer journeys, and developing personalized engagement plans and value propositions.

ABM program design

With constantly evolving buying cycles, success goes beyond conventional sales and marketing methods. To effectively match how clients purchase and blend with your organization, a strategic approach is necessary. This approach should take into account your organization’s unique factors, marketing strategies, maturity, and client context.

We know the crucial components for crafting and executing an effective Account-Based Marketing strategy. We help you identify roadblocks, reshape your programs and strategy to supercharge your account growth.


The Momentum ITSMA Global State of Account-Based Marketing study is the definitive report into how ABM is faring today. The yearly study, in partnership with the ABM Leadership Alliance (ABMLA), provides information on new trends, market conditions, strategies, and tools. We study the performance of over 300 B2B marketing leaders to help organizations improve their efforts and achieve better results.

Our qualitative and quantitative study helps you answer important questions about ABM as a business marketing strategy, such as:

  • How well are you applying the core principles of ABM?
  • How are you adapting to constant disruption in the marketplace? · How should you focus investments as you look toward the next phase of ABM development?
  • How are leaders investing differently to achieve better results?

ABM Adoption Model and 7 pillars for success

Leverage our ABM adoption model, seven pillars for success, and 21 critical success factors to craft a powerful ABM strategy and operating model. Align teams, drive growth, and transform supplier relationships into account growth.


We deep dive into the world of ABM through our podcast. The Account-Based Marketing podcast, hosted by Momentum ITSMA’s CEO Alisha Lyndon, is one of America’s top 100 management podcasts. The podcast features conversations with global leaders in B2B marketing and sales. Listeners learn useful tips to improve their ABM strategy and nurture their most valuable customers.

World-class ABM certification and mentoring

Empower your teams with our world-class ABM training programs, designed by leading industry experts. You can choose personalized learning programs tailored to your organization’s needs. Alternatively, you can join public ABM certification and fundamentals programs. These programs will keep you at the forefront of the best practices in B2B marketing.

As the pioneers of Account-Based Marketing, we’re a trusted partner to leading organizations in the IT, technology, financial services, and professional services industries. And our ongoing innovation ensures our clients consistently outperform their competitors.