Momentum ITSMA elevates ABM with new service innovations to drive market-beating growth

  • 05 Dec 2023

Momentum ITSMA

Market leader and pioneer of Account-Based Marketing, Momentum ITSMA, is proud to announce an expansion of its service offerings to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Market leader and pioneer of Account-Based Marketing, Momentum ITSMA, is proud to announce an expansion of its service offerings to meet clients’ evolving needs.

LONDON, BOSTON, and MELBOURNE, December 5, 2023

Momentum ITSMA is enhancing its strategic account growth services of consulting, research, and learning solutions to include AI-enabled account marketing services. This bridges the crucial gap between strategic planning and execution with the enhancement of marketing content, creative, managed services, and technology services.

Powered by Generative AI, these services deliver optimized end-to-end account experiences. Momentum ITSMA is using the concept of AI as a team member – embedding AI tools into multiple teams and workflows, creating a partnership. This way, teams can identify and develop effective use cases to generate real-world value.

The firm’s newly established Marketing Services practice operates as an extension of its consulting-led approach, emphasizing a holistic account-based strategy beyond campaigns. Leveraging custom account processes and proprietary technology, Momentum ITSMA’s Marketing Services delivers technology, content, and pursuit solutions to accelerate pipeline and drive account growth.

Acquisitions of go-to-market firm, OneGTM, and thought Leadership specialist, Grist, have deepened the firm’s capabilities to provide research-driven thought leadership, go-to-market strategies, and solution innovation with partners. Strategic partnerships with leading martech providers, Terminus, HG Insights, Turtl, 6sense, Demandbase, and Folloze, is allowing Momentum ITSMA to offer account implementation services to clients including Lenovo, Colt, AWS, and Salesforce.

“We listen to our clients and study research, such as the ABM benchmark data, so we understand the challenges faced by programs in driving the desired business impact. Momentum ITSMA has designed its approach to overcome these challenges and deliver on the promises of ABM,” said Will Nicholls, Chief Client Officer.

The firm helps its clients outperform competition through continuous innovation. By incorporating Generative AI, clients benefit from cutting-edge technology in strategic account growth and ABM programs, while upholding security and data governance. Momentum ITSMA’s embedded use of Generative AI optimizes content creation, and strengthens the delivery of personalized, impactful account experiences.

Led by Tim Hallac, the firm has appointed Mark Braun, Head of Creative Services, Oliver Luft, Head of Content, Pete Swabey, Head of Thought Leadership, and Jezelle Greenaway, Consultant. Marketing Services is designed to deliver account experiences, spanning content, event execution, and tech deployment, to enable market-beating growth by scaling and accelerating programs for relevant and lasting connections with key strategic accounts.

“I’m delighted to share our investment in transforming account-based programs and establishing new industry benchmarks. This solidifies our position as a market leader, encompassing strategy design, team building, and seamless implementation,” said Tim Hallac, Head of Marketing Services.

“These developments reflect the need to shift from campaigns to comprehensive programs, to capture short term and win in the long term. I’m excited to be playing a pivotal role in optimizing the experience of the entire account journey,” Hallac added.

With these service enhancements, Momentum ITSMA continues to lead the industry by redefining how leaders can drive growth from strategic accounts and providing its clients with the strategies needed to drive market-beating growth.

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