Style and substance: the key to engaging content

  • 19 Jan 2024

A new study reveals why content design is the key to boosting engagement and results in the age of generative AI and tightening budgets.

Marketing content must do more than convey information to create meaningful customer interactions and build brand loyalty. It must resonate, captivate, and engage. Yet, too often, the content we create goes unnoticed. Unread. Wasted.

To boost engagement, build valuable relationships, and escape the echo chamber of mediocre content, marketers should:

  • Stop relying on clicks and downloads and start interrogating ‘read time’.
  • Create a design strategy that complements your content strategy. Research shows that the presentation of information affects reader engagement.
  • Focus on the quality, not volume, of content.
  • Invest in tools that simplify the measurement and optimization of your content.

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