Rethink ABM - US

Rethink ABM represents a watershed moment in marketing, 20 years in the making. Traditional Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies are under scrutiny. It’s time to confront the reality: to succeed, ABM must evolve.

Why attend?

Join us to challenge the status quo, gain unparalleled insights, and redefine the future of account-based marketing. This event is for ambitious senior marketing leaders and ABM practitioners who are ready to lead their organizations with innovative approaches and transformative strategies.

Featuring provocative sessions with

  • Seasoned C-suite leaders including Dr Charles Doyle, former CMO, Arup
  • ABM practitioners including Orla Hennessy, Head of ABM, Adobe
  • A special keynote from Jamil Qureshi, the world-renowned performance coach whose expertise has elevated the performance of Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and championship-winning teams worldwide
  • A limited number of 1-2-1 consulting sessions with one of our senior consultants, partners or sponsors (25 available)

Join us and reinvent client growth


  • Jamil Qureshi

    performance psychologist

  • Orla Hennessy

    Head of ABM, EMEA, Adobe

  • Emma Isichei

    CMO, MHR Global

  • Marc Cohen

    Former Chief Commercial Officer, Talkwalker

  • Eleanor Meek

    Account Executive, Dell Technologies

  • Elliott Young

    Chief Technology Officer, EMEA at Dell Technologies

  • Craig Walker

    former-SVP in the Office of CEO, Salesforce

  • Christian Weiss

    Director, Account-Based Marketing, Autodesk

  • Charles Doyle

  • Alisha Lyndon

    CEO, Momentum

  • Adam Bennington

    Head of Consulting, EMEA

  • Guy Phillips


  • Andy Rogerson

    Head of Professional Services



Registration and refreshments

Alisha Lyndon, CEO, Momentum ITSMA shares her thoughts on this pivotal moment in marketing history.

“You can’t trust the future to anyone that champions the past. The future demands to be different.”

Jamil Qureshi, a performance psychologist who has helped some of the highest-profile sporting figures and global organizations win big, will explore the significance of partnerships and connectivity to greater performance, share practical tips on how to change your behavior, and show you how to foster a culture of responsibility and ownership.

To take your ABM program to the next level and deliver material impact for your firm and your clients, you need a high-performance culture, agility, and strong leadership. This keynote will give you the tools to succeed.

Jamil has worked as a performance psychologist with some of the highest profile sporting figures in the world including the European Ryder Cup team of 2006, the England Ashes winning squad, Premier League football clubs as well as the LA Lakers and New York Knicks. An expert in the psychology of enhancing performance. Jamil is a world recognized speaker on all aspects of the psychology of leadership, attitudes, improving people, cultural change techniques, and employee engagement.

In this insightful fireside discussion, seasoned CMO Dr Charles Doyle and Rhiannon Blackwell, ABM Leader, Global Marketing, PwC, will discuss the future of client growth. 

The label “account-based marketing” is misunderstood, misused, an empty promise. It speaks of client-centricity but lacks authenticity. 

Imagine if everything you did helped everybody win – you and your key clients. That you understood clients so deeply, empathized with them so effectively and inspired them so strongly, they couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. 

The ethos of ABM is at risk. It needs reframing.

Dr Charles Doyle, former CMO, Arup 
Rhiannon Blackwell, ABM Leader, Global Marketing at PwC

Facilitated by Andrew Rogerson, Head of Professional Services, Momentum ITSMA


Refreshment break

Our breakout sessions are tailored to your organization’s maturity level. “Early Stage” focuses on how to adopt a client-centric model, while “Late Stage” focuses on scaling existing client-centric strategies. Choose the session most relevant to you. (Subject to availability)

Early Stage - Turing Theatre

Orla Hennessy, Head of ABM, EMEA, Adobe
Rebecca Miles, Senior Consultant and Practice Lead, Momentum ITSMA

At  Adobe, marketing is shifting from a lead-based to an enterprise marketing approach, prioritizing client listening and moving from a one-to-many approach to a more strategic and tailored proposition.

Orla Hennessy, Head of ABM, EMEA is leading this change in strategy and mindset within the marketing function. In this breakout session, Orla will share how her team is shifting its focus from lead generation to client outcomes, with a greater emphasis on enabling sales teams and measuring account-level impact.

Hear how she’s tackling complex challenges including managing multiple teams and maintaining a consistent strategy for large customers.

Late Stage – Siemens 

Marc Cohen, Former Chief Commercial Officer, Talkwalker 
Olivia Bradley, Senior Consultant, Momentum ITSMA 

Marc Cohen, former Chief Commercial Officer of Talkwalker, will share insights from his 25 years of experience in growing and transforming organizations through client-centric strategies. 

You'll gain tips on unifying the revenue team across all regions, aligning operations around an Ideal Customer Profile, segmenting customers for tailored strategies, prioritizing customer expansion, and enhancing the customer experience. 

This is your opportunity to ask someone who has successfully navigated the client-centric shift how you can replicate their success in your organization. 

Dig into the tactics that align sales and marketing for maximum client-centricity and client-driven growth.

Paul Gibson, SVP, International, Demandbase, Emma Isichei, CMO, MHR Global, and Dianne Edworthy, Global Capital Markets Manager, Colt, will explore the impact alignment has on ABM programs (and vice versa), give honest accounts of times when teams have clashed and the lessons learned, and share their advice on how to boost your reputation, relationships, and revenue through effective teamwork. 

Paul Gibson, SVP, International, Demandbase
Emma Isichei, CMO, MHR Global
Dianne Edworthy, Global Capital Markets Manager, Colt Technology Services

Facilitated by Leanne Chescoe, Marketing Director EMEA, Demandbase


Lunch break

Recent research from Momentum ITSMA reveals that buyers are using generative AI to research and evaluate solution providers. A full 71% of our survey respondents agree that gen AI will change the way they work with vendors. Its most advanced users are convinced that the technology will even help them make better purchase decisions. 

Elliott Young, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Dell Technologies, explores the role of generative AI in transforming the buying process and traditional sales and marketing tactics.

Young draws on Dell Technologies’ recent case studies, which includes deploying gen AI to analyze thousands of client meeting notes and identify relevant product recommendations, to creating AI-generated avatars of its key sales leaders, to evaluate the pros and cons of this controversial technology. 

Facilitated by Rebecca Miles, Senior Consultant, Momentum ITSMA

Our breakout sessions are tailored to your organization’s maturity level. Choose the session most relevant to you. (Subject to availability)

Early Stage- Siemens

Enterprise decision-makers are enthusiastic about the potential of generative AI and are confident it will simplify their jobs. The Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index (CBX) reveals that 79% of the most advanced gen AI users believe it will help them make better purchase decisions. But are marketers as advanced in their usage?  

In this workshop led by Guy Phillips, Learning & Development Services Partner at Momentum ITSMA, you will discover where marketers stand in their use of gen AI in sales and marketing processes and explore the optimal use cases for gen AI and AI within the Momentum ITSMA's 7-Steps of Account-Based Marketing framework. We encourage you to share your "tales from the floor" and engage in an open discussion about this highly publicized yet often misunderstood technology.

This breakout is best for marketers at the start of their generative AI journey who are looking for ways to effectively trial and explore its potential.   

Late Stage- Turing Theatre

ABM program leaders are tasked with integrating generative AI into their processes in ways that drive tangible ROI, enhance efficiency, and scale effectively.

This workshop, led by Adam Bennington, Head of Consulting, EMEA at Momentum ITSMA, will dissect and debate these challenges, exploring how to embed generative AI to overcome common program pitfalls and leverage its full potential.

We will examine real-world use cases and risk management strategies, discuss the latest research insights, and spark an open discussion on navigating the complexities of generative AI in sales and marketing.  

You will leave with actionable insights and a clearer understanding of how to develop a robust, effective gen AI strategy that addresses your unique program needs and balances innovation with practical implementation.

This breakout is best for marketers who have had some success with generative AI and are looking for ways to embed the technology.


Refreshment break

Fewer vendors are reaching ‘trusted advisor’ status. In 2019, buyers had on average 4 vendors whom they considered trusted advisors. Today, they have just 2 on average.

Our panel of buyers and sellers discuss the tactics that instil confidence and conviction in buyers – and the tactics that fail to make an impact. We’ll explore key findings from the Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index (CBX) study and share real-world stories of the buying process done well – and done badly. 

Craig Walker, former-SVP, Strategic Advisor in the Office of CEO, Salesforce
Eleanor Meek, Account Executive, Dell Technologies
Christian Weiss, Director, Account-Based Marketing, Autodesk

Facilitated by Chris Akeson, Senior Director of Sales, Altrata

Alisha Lyndon, CEO, Momentum ITSMA

17:00 - 18:00

Drinks reception

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