Global State of Account-Based Marketing

Global State of Account-Based Marketing

The Momentum ITSMA Global State of Account-Based Marketing study is the definitive report into how ABM is faring today.

The annual benchmark study conducted in partnership with the ABM Leadership Alliance (ABMLA) offers detailed insights into emerging ABM trends, market conditions, tactics, and tools. By assessing program adoption and benchmarking the performance of over 300 marketing leaders, our findings empower organizations to elevate their ABM efforts.

Our qualitative and quantitative study helps you answer important questions about ABM as a business strategy, such as:

  • How well are you applying the core principles of ABM?
  • How are you adapting to constant disruption in the marketplace?
  • How should you focus investments as you look toward the next phase of ABM development?
  • How are ABM leaders investing differently to achieve better results?