Consulting: Account prioritization

Focus on the accounts that matter

Less than a quarter of organizations have a successful approach to assigning accounts to an ABM program. 69% say they are still just in the planning stage.*

Achieving success depends on making well-informed decisions driven through research. At Momentum ITSMA we help you transform your business strategies into actionable, growth-oriented initiatives. Our account modelling and account selection framework helps you to identify accounts with the highest potential.

At the heart of our service lies the ability to drive accelerated returns and sustainable growth for your business. We achieve this by identifying use cases and scenarios within high-potential accounts, facilitating timely interventions, including entering new markets. Our expertise empowers you to prioritize accounts based on attractiveness and business strength, allowing for resource allocation that maximizes impact. This strategic focus ensures that buy-in is secured, and consistent performance is achieved, establishing a solid foundation for ongoing growth.

Only 15% of organizations say they’ve mastered the art of market and account intelligence.*

Through our well-honed methodologies, we drive impactful outcomes that elevate your ABM.

*Source: Momentum ITSMA ABM Benchmark Report, 2022


  • Accelerate returns by identifying use cases and scenarios in high-potential accounts enabling interventions, including new accounts
  • Prioritize accounts based on attractiveness and business strength to channel resources effectively
  • Secure buy-in and ensure consistent performance for sustained growth


  • Dynamic account prioritization and segmentation
  • Account selection for ABM / KAM programs
  • Additional data points and aggregation of 1st/3rd party data to make informed decisions on account value

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