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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) continues to be a top priority for B2B marketing. On average, ABM budgets represent more than a quarter of all marketing spend*.

Effective ABM programs draw upon a diverse range of skills and capabilities, coupled with a supportive network of contributors across the business. Leading initiatives focus on skill development and team growth, while also prioritizing alignment with sales and process standardization for seamless collaboration. Despite being a core principle of ABM, insight-driven planning and engagement continue to pose challenges.

At Momentum ITSMA, we lead the way as pioneers of Account-Based Marketing, offering unrivaled experience and expertise to succeed in your most valuable client accounts. Our empowered approach focuses on evidence-based ABM, concentrating on impactful interactions to build strong relationships, enhance reputation, and enable you to win.

Account research: Delving deep into key accounts to extract insights for informed decision-making.

ABM plans and strategy: Tailored ABM plans and strategies for maximum engagement.

Account value propositions: Developing unique value propositions for enhanced market positioning.

Utilizing our ABM adoption model, seven pillars for success, and 21 critical success factors, we help to craft a powerful ABM strategy and operating model. We drive growth by aligning teams and leveraging account research to identify prime opportunities. With a focused nurturing approach, we’ll help you transform niche supplier relationships into significant investments.

We can quickly and strategically prioritize live opportunities and high-potential accounts, driving engagement through focused sales and marketing initiatives, while also discovering untapped potential.

With detailed account and industry sector insights, stakeholder profiles and mapping, personalized engagement plans, and value proposition development, we empower your organization with cutting-edge capabilities.

*Source: Momentum ITSMA ABM Benchmark Report, 2022


  • Increase sales velocity and win rates through clarity, consistency, and customer-first mindset
  • Challenge the status quo to develop bigger opportunities
  • Build credibility by uniting all teams and enhancing account experience


  • ABM pilots for 1:1 accounts and pursuits
  • Account value proposition development & ABM plans
  • Account insight and stakeholder mapping
  • Custom content development and delivery
  • Measurement using our 3Rs framework

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