We’re here to help you drive market beating growth

We are Momentum ITSMA – a world-leading B2B growth consultancy and the pioneers of Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

We’ve helped drive over $100bn in revenue growth by developing go-to-market programs, embedding Account-Based Marketing strategies and enabling teams to sharpen client focus.

We know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s next

We launched the concept of account-based marketing (ABM) to the world 20 years ago. Since then, we have enabled clients to break growth records, double NPS, and increase sales velocity. We have certified and supported more than 3,000 practitioners around the world. And we have delivered $100bn in revenue growth for clients.

Over this time, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the Global 2000 and decades of experience helping sales and marketing leaders grow their accounts. We have unrivalled domain expertise in tech, financial services, and professional services.

Put simply, we know your customers inside out.

And we constantly update the expertise and knowledge we share with you through world-class research – like the Momentum ITSMA Customer Buying Index® (CBX) – and industry-leading events such as Marketing Vision.

We can work with you across the account-based journey, from developing ABM and embedding ABM to transforming go-to-market. We do this through four capabilities: Research & Consulting, Marketing Services, Growth Academy, and the world’s most dynamic community of B2B marketers – Growth Hub.

For us, it’s about making an impact fast while helping you build the foundations for sustainable, market-beating growth.

Everyone wins

Our ‘everyone wins’ purpose drives everything we do.

By giving our people the opportunities, culture, and capabilities they need to succeed, we increase the impact they have for you. In turn, that enables you to grow value with your customers, helping them serve their world and meet their ESG commitments.

Put simply, everyone wins.

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What Makes Momentum ITSMA Different?

We know your business and the markets that matter, and we’ve done this time and again

Decades of real-world experience mean we help you avoid distractions and focus on winning

We apply industry-leading methodologies and research to build your capabilities and develop programs of excellence

" Momentum ITSMA’s work is not only emotive but it’s on message and resonates with customers. We achieve connections that we did not think possible and, importantly, generated revenue as a result.

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie

VP Site Training Solutions and Global Events