We’re here to help power your growth faster

We enable you to embed a customer-first mindset, truly understand your markets, and build the right capabilities to drive account-based growth – faster.

We bring deep experience in tech, financial services, and professional services, and transform our market knowledge and IP into impact for you through four service lines: Growth Consultancy, Growth Intelligence, Growth Academy, and Growth Hub.

We know how to make an impact fast while building the foundations for sustainable growth. We have enabled clients to break growth records, double NPS score, and increase sales velocity. We have certified and supported more than 2,000 practitioners. And we have delivered $90bn in revenue growth for clients.

With competition intensifying and complexity increasing, Momentum ITSMA is here to help power your growth – faster.

Impact-driven services for account-based growth

Growth Consulting

Driving business impact with hands on support to build, transform and embed strategic account programs.

Growth Consulting

Growth Intelligence

Getting actionable insights to accelerate buying cycles and increase win rates.

Growth Intelligence

Growth Academy

Powering your team’s performance with industry-leading ABM certification and professional development.

Growth Academy

Growth Hub

Empowering your team to drive productivity and effectiveness with our membership package. All Growth Hub community members have unlimited access to a wealth of research and insights, a panel of respected experts and peer-to-peer learning and networking. Our goal is to help you develop new thinking, skills, and relationships so you can implement or accelerate your growth-based strategies.

" Momentum ITSMA’s key strength is their strategic thinking. They’ve made a huge contribution to our major business wins.

Iulia Balan

Managing Director Segments & Solutions Marketing

" Momentum ITSMA is a partner that brings deep insights and innovation to their approach.

Danny Nail

Director, Global ABM COE Leader

" Momentum ITSMA’s work is not only emotive but it’s on message and resonates with customers. We achieve connections that we did not think possible and, importantly, generated revenue as a result.

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie

VP Site Training Solutions and Global Events



Building the Marketing Engine to Power Growth for a $19B Start-up

Kyndryl was formed in 2021 as a spin off from IBM’s managed infrastructure service business. Despite inheriting a $19 billion balance sheet, 4000 customers worldwide, and 90,000 employees, the company has high growth ambitions and a start-up mentality.

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Best Practices for Driving Revenue Growth

We discuss Tiffani Bova’s best-selling book “Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business”, the importance of doubling down on existing customers, taking an offensive approach to combat churn, and why all marketers should sit in on sales conversations if they want to show they truly care about the customer.

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Building Account-Based Marketing Muscle

Phil Crompton, a 40-year IBM veteran who now heads up the firm’s ABM function globally, shares the 2 year transformational journey he’s led to build out their program office, develop talent with career pathways and embed a program across the globe.

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