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85% of marketers plan to maintain or increase spending on partners and alliances in 2023*.

So, it’s clear that B2B providers need to work with fluid ecosystems to deliver joined-up, end-to-end solutions for customers.

Partnerships are vital for driving growth in today’s dynamic B2B landscape. As transactional channel models give way to collaborative partner ecosystems, it’s crucial to continually refresh your strategies and programs. At Momentum ITSMA, our expertise will guide you and your partners towards success in this ever-evolving landscape.

With an impressive track record of helping leading brands in the B2B tech industry achieve growth through their partner ecosystems, we’re well-equipped to assist you. Our comprehensive range of services can deliver tangible benefits, including:

1. Strategic alignment

We provide invaluable insights to help you understand the shifting partner and competitor landscape. By ensuring your strategies and programs remain relevant and effective, we help you stay ahead of the curve.

2. Engagement and enablement

Empowering your partners is essential for mutual success. Our expertise enables us to design and implement engagement and enablement programs that equip and motivate your partners to thrive alongside you.

3. Collaborative growth

Building effective through- and with-partner marketing programs is key to driving growth through collaboration. We guide you in creating impactful initiatives that foster collaboration and maximize results.

4. Holistic alignment

To achieve seamless partner Go-to-Market initiatives, it’s crucial to align them with broader activities, such as Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Our insights ensure your partner initiatives are integrated, amplifying the impact of your overall marketing efforts.

With our deep knowledge of the partner and alliance landscape, we know the complexities involved in growing a successful partner ecosystem. We go beyond GTM strategies, transforming them into actionable plans. Our tailored approach ensures you have the right propositions, programs, platforms, and resources to deliver resounding success.

But our support doesn’t stop there. We provide a full suite of managed services to help you execute your partner GTM strategies. From program management to resource allocation, our comprehensive support ensures you achieve your partnership goals.

Whether you seek to establish new partnerships, optimize existing collaborations, or revamp your entire ecosystem, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

*Source Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index 2022, wave 2


  • Accelerated growth through partner ecosystem, with more engaged and committed partners aligned to your most valuable client segments
  • Co-innovate with partners to develop more complete solutions to meet the needs of your strategic clients
  • Simplify the client experience across your go-to-market, aligning partner interactions with your own


  • Partner GTM Strategy Assessment
  • Joint partner solution development (ISVs)
  • Joint strategic client development and joint Account-Based Marketing programs

" We’ve engaged Momentum ITSMA on multiple projects down the years, ranging from strategic planning to messaging to demand gen, and they’ve always done great work for us.

DP Venkatesh

GM – Digital, SMB and Strategic Partners, Cisco

" The big thing for me is Momentum ITSMA just get it. They understand our business, they understand the market, and they understand the channel – it makes our job so much easier.

Penta Stanley

Director, EMEA Channel & Alliance Marketing, Symantec

" With no established or scalable way of driving interest through the channel or educating their sales teams, working with Momentum ITSMA enabled us to package all our knowledge and marketing expertise.

Jason Redmond

Director Enterprise Demand Generation, Samsung

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