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When thought leadership is valuable, insightful, and relevant, readers want to learn more about the firm that produced it. 100% say they will take some action when thought leadership hits the mark*.

In an era of unprecedented global uncertainty, businesses are grappling with intricate challenges that demand insightful solutions. Thought leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the decisions of business leaders as they choose advisors and solution providers to address their most pressing issues. Recent research underscores that readers aren’t just seeking insights; they want a deeper understanding of the capabilities, services, and unique strengths of the providers that produce the content.

60% of senior executives see a greater need for thought leadership than 12 months ago, and 87% say it’s important or critical when assessing a new advisor or solutions provider.*

The question is – how do you position yourself as a trusted advisor? And how do you craft thought leadership that outshines your competitors? That’s where we step in, armed with a data-driven approach to propel you forward.

Our six-stage process is fueled by three inputs:

The big idea: We pinpoint topics, unearth white space, and develop hooks that resonate.

Quantitative research: We develop questionnaires and respondent profiles to ensure strong responses.

Qualitative interviews: Deep-dive interviews with senior internal and external stakeholders to enrich your narrative.

But that’s not all. Our approach is driven by a commitment to excellence that’s unrivaled. We create a ‘think tank’ environment, where insights are nurtured, refined, and shaped into transformative thought leadership.

*Source: Momentum ITSMA Thought Leadership Benchmarking Study 2022


  • Influence the choice strategic clients make by developing high-quality thought leadership to solve their most pressing challenges
  • Help your senior executives engage effectively and develop strategic clients with a distinct point of view
  • Engage with executives through new ideas and insights


  • Thought Leadership Maturity Assessment
  • Big idea theme development
  • Quant and qual interviews
  • Flagship thought leadership assets
  • Client-specific assets and enablement toolkit

Key team members

Mark Wellings

Executive Director, Thought Leadership

Cate Sutherland

Consulting Director

Value of Thought Leadership report

Our Value of Thought Leadership report tells us the qualities the C-suite value, the formats they prefer, and whose views they seek. Get in touch with us today for your copy and to find out how we can make your thought leadership hit the mark.