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You’ve probably gathered two things about Momentum ITSMA: we’re experts in growing accounts, and we attach great importance to the quality of our people.

After all, our clients choose us to work with a team who couples expertise with a strong business acumen. A team they know will get the job done to the highest standards and deliver outcomes for real competitive advantage. Above all, a team that always puts the client at the centre of their universe and demonstrates extreme levels of ownership, a restless energy, and proactivity.

We’re not necessarily looking for people with a consulting background (though we like you guys too!). We’re looking for lateral thinkers; people who are highly curious and inherently driven to be their very best at all times.

We feel this level of contribution deserves to be recognized and do so with industry-leading remuneration packages.

But it’s not just about salary. Working at Momentum ITSMA you can expect a truly rewarding career:

  • The opportunity to address strategic challenges for the world’s leading companies
  • The satisfaction of working as part of a market-leading team with international and diverse teammates
  • The rapid career development that comes from working with a boutique consulting company

Sound good? Then let’s talk. Send your CV and covering letter to henna.dunger@momentumitsma.com.

A thriving global culture

At Momentum ITSMA, we’re not just about work; we’re about fostering a dynamic and inclusive culture that sets us apart. Our belief in flexibility, unity, and personal growth is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re more than just colleagues; we’re a close-knit team that operates as one. Whether you’re based in our London, Boston or Melbourne office, the spirit of unity and collaboration unites us across continents. It’s not just where we work; it’s where we come together as a team and celebrate shared successes. Our workplace isn’t just an office; it’s a hub of creativity, innovation, and fun.

Our global presence enhances our diversity, enriching our collective experience and bringing together a remarkable group of consultants, strategists, creatives, analysts, and Subject Matter Experts from around the world.

Our values

At Momentum ITSMA, we’re guided by our company values that are the lynchpin of everything we do and define our culture.

EXtreme ownership, determinedly Proactive, restlessly Entrepreneurial, always Real, one Team.

Life at Momentum ITSMA

We believe in the power of connecting, and that’s why we organize regular social events and team gatherings – from breakfasts to book clubs and our vibrant culture club.

Here’s a taster of life at Momentum ITSMA.

The perfect balance

We understand that flexibility is key to fostering a balanced and fulfilling work-life dynamic.

We are a flexible employer working in a hybrid way and while we value the importance of coming together in person, we pride ourselves in supporting our team to manage their time in ways that enable them to be more productive and achieve a greater work-life balance. Our recognition as a ‘Flexa Top 100’ company is testament to our approach to flexibility, which empowers our employees to perform at their best.

At the core of our culture is a purpose that guides every action we take: ‘everyone wins.’ We invest in our people’s opportunities, culture, and capabilities. We’re an ‘Outstanding Company to work for, 2022,’ recognized by Best Companies, and we’re proud of our Top 50 placement for outstanding levels of workplace engagement.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it…

My journey with Momentum ITSMA has been incredible. When I joined the company, I lacked prior consulting experience. I have been provided with an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow, gaining an ABM certification along the way. What's even more remarkable is that this journey has taken me from London to Boston. Here, I’ve not only been able to develop my skills but also contributed to the development of our team. The experience has been a learning curve, both personally and professionally, and I'm excited to continue that
learning with everyone.

Tom Stevenson, Senior Consultant and Practice Lead

I started working at Momentum ITSMA in the summer of 2022. My expectations were really focused on technical growth, design hard skills and the work-life balance. As an introverted person, I’ve learnt how to try and be a bit invisible working in certain companies. But the
Momentum ITSMA team changed that for me.

Well, I’m still an introvert.

However working with the creative team, I felt comfortable sharing more ideas, asking for help, and feeling more confident when presenting my thoughts. I believe that having a diverse team has helped: our accents are not the same, and our backgrounds are all
different, so I don’t feel like I have to change myself to feel like I belong.

I’ve worked in Brazil and in the USA and after moving to the UK all I wanted was to ‘create roots’ somewhere here, being able to show my dedication and have growth as a natural consequence. After six months working at Momentum ITSMA, I joined the Culture Club. It was the first time I worked in a company where culture is so important. Besides that, it was my way to push myself for socials, to feel more involved, not only on projects, clients, and goals but to strengthen relationships.

Sofia Coeli, Designer

I was part of the former OneGTM team, who joined Momentum ITSMA back in November 2022. Since the acquisition, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented people, all of whom have welcomed us into the company and made the acquisition process as smooth as possible. Merging the talent of the former OneGTM team with the team at Momentum ITSMA has given us a great opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills, and help deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Lauren Beavis, Consultant

I am approaching my second anniversary here at Momentum, I joined as a Finance Assistant and earlier this year I was promoted to Finance Manager.

Working at Momentum ITSMA has enabled me to move to my forever home with the ability to work remotely. I can honestly say no two days are the same which I love – from the work that I do, to the events and activities that our people and culture teams create.

Sam Chapman, Finance Manager

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