Learning: Sales Enablement

Equip your sales team to win

Clients value the role of the account rep and are willing to engage.

76% say they receive valuable innovation recommendations and 28% are willing to talk to account reps from providers they’re not currently doing business with*.

Success in sales comes from maximizing every moment when engaging with your top accounts. We’re here to empower your marketing and sales alignment by enabling and driving productive sales conversations, positioning you as a force for success.

At Momentum ITSMA we work closely with you to ensure your sales team is fully prepared and focused. We arm them with fresh insights into your clients, equipping them to deliver persuasive value propositions, enabling maximum impact in every conversation. Our effective buyer journeys combine the optimal mix of human and digital touches and connection points.

Our buyer persona research and qualitative interviews reveal essential information about your target audience – their business drivers, preferences, and blockers. This aligns your approach for targeted and effective messaging, giving your sales teams the insight and confidence to navigate any situation.

Only 11% are completely satisfied with the collaboration between marketing and sales**

At the core of our approach lies clear and compelling messaging, ensuring on-point interactions with prospects. Understanding your clients’ priorities and pain points, we provide personalized solutions that address their needs. With our insights into the motivations and preferences of key buyer-side stakeholders, you be able to foster genuine connections and lasting relationships.

Our solutions are designed to cut through the noise and present your story with impact, amplified by sales enablement strategies. From stakeholder mapping to messaging guides, battlecards, pitch decks, and tailored social posts, we equip your team with the tools they need to excel at every stage of the sales process.

*Source: Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index, 2023

**Source: Momentum ITSMA ABM Benchmark Report, 2022


  • Proprietary research on evolving enterprise buying behaviors
  • Sales toolkits for persuasive conversations (battle cards, conversation starters, objection handling)
  • Clear and compelling messaging
  • Intelligence on clients’ priorities and pain points
  • Insights into motivations and preferences of buyer-side stakeholders
  • Thoughtful buyer journeys for increased successa


  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Messaging guides
  • Battlecards
  • Pitch decks
  • Social posts designed for salespeople
  • Buyer persona research
  • Qualitative interviews with clients in market

" A really big thank you for pulling out all of the stops. I’ve really appreciated your help and work on the project and feel really proud of what’s been created.

Heather Wearn

Banking and Financial Services Customer Marketing, BT

" This is truly outstanding work. There is no way any other partner would have been able to deliver this type of strategic work at pace.

Hannah Grove

CMO, State Street

Key team members

Adam Bennington

Head of Consulting

Momentum ITSMA

Cate Sutherland

Consulting Director

Momentum ITSMA

Olivia Bradley

Client Services Director

Oliver Luft

Head of Content

Sales enablement is the key to transforming your approach

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