Excellence Awards

The industry’s leading awards for high-performance marketing

For 27 years, Momentum ITSMA’s Marketing Excellence Awards (MEAs) have honored high-performing B2B marketing programs.

The Marketing Excellence Awards celebrate ambitious sales and marketing leaders that drive business success and gain greater market share.

The annual awards, judged by subject matter experts and industry leaders, offer a platform for forward-thinking sales and marketing teams and individuals to showcase their best-in-class programs across 10 categories.

For 2024, in addition to our traditional awards, we’re introducing three new superlative categories – GTM Leader, ABM-er, and Client Growth Program of the Year.

  • Advancing Thought Leadership
  • Driving Partner Collaboration
  • Enabling Sales
  • Innovating Client Programs
  • Scaling ABM Programs
  • Strengthening Executive Engagement
  • Utilizing Client Insights for Growth
  • Client Growth Program of the Year
  • GTM Leader of the Year
  • Account-Based Marketer of the Year

We will reveal the winners at our annual Marketing Excellence Awards Ceremony in the fall.

In addition to the two winners in each traditional category, Momentum ITSMA will award two winners from small and medium-sized businesses. These awards will go to the strongest submissions from two companies with less than $500 million in annual revenue, regardless of category.

2024 Marketing Excellence Awards

Submissions for the 2024 Marketing Excellence Awards are now open.
Closing date: May 31.
$495 USD per submission.

Submission guidelines

View the 2024 MEA submission guidelines.

View our 10 award categories for 2024

Advancing Thought Leadership

Developing thought leadership initiatives that stand out in the mind of the target audience, strengthen reputation and engagement, and accelerate pipeline and revenue growth.

Driving partner Collaboration

Collaborating with external partners to identify, develop, and accelerate new strategies to drive transformational growth for clients.

Enabling Sales

Ensuring ‘no daylight’ between marketing and sales, with innovative and flexible sales enablement approaches that focus on high-quality content, personalized insights and intelligence, and client-centered programs that drive revenue.

Innovating Client Programs

Effectively leveraging marketing technology, tools, and analytics to improve efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs and business results.

Scaling ABM Programs

Tapping into an existing successful ABM approach and deploying it across a broader range of accounts, to co-innovate and create demand across the organization.

Strengthening Executive Engagement

Integrating a strategic, multi-channel engagement program with content, events, and experiences that broaden and deepen executive-level relationships with priority clients and prospects and pave the way for growth.

Utilizing Client Insights for Growth

Taking an objective, data-led approach, incorporating primary and secondary research, to create and deliver programs that drive customer or revenue growth.

Client Growth Program of the Year

The winning entry will demonstrate collaboration among business leaders to develop a client-centric approach, across the organization, as a core go-to-market strategy that delivers market-beating growth.

Account-Based Marketer of the Year

The winning nominee is someone who stepped up and marshalled resources to take advantage of a major opportunity or overcome a major obstacle. It could be a COE leader, a person assigned to a business unit, region, or team.

GTM Leader of the Year

The winning nominee engenders collaboration among business leaders, drives strategic growth, is enabling the next generation of marketing practitioners, and has an unmatched impact on revenue, relationships, and reputation.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2023 showcase series

If you’re looking for inspiration for a winning submission, take a look at our showcase series, where we celebrate our 2023 Diamond and Gold winners.

We delve into their winning submissions and explore the innovative strategies and practices that made them best-in-class in their categories.

Past winners

View past winners of the Momentum ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards here.