Implementation: Exec Engagement strategy

Deepening your relationships for long-term value

The collaboration trend is unstoppable, with 86% of executives more interested in collaborating with solution providers for joint innovation.*

A top account strategy requires stronger focus on executive-level connections. However approaches to executive engagement are often limited, fragmented, and sales-focused​.

While ABM development has provided a new foundation for innovation-oriented executive engagement​, more is needed to develop a stronger, integrated, cross-functional approach to executive engagement.

44% of enterprise buyers in North America see executive volatility making decisions more difficult, compared to 21% in APAC and 15% in EMEA*

We are experts in designing and implementing an integrated executive engagement strategy with the right balance for both breadth and depth of relationship. This approach moves away from random acts of marketing and isolated one-off tactics to engage. We’ve developed framework for measuring the strength of executive relationships across five stages:

  1. Aware. Do the executives you’re targeting know your business? Have they engaged with you before?​
  2. Favorable. How do the target business leaders feel about your organization? Have they engaged with you more than once? Have you had a live conversation?​
  3. Engaged. Are you on a first-name basis with the C-suite executive you’re looking to court? Do they reach out to you as often as you reach out to them?​
  4. Trusted. Do you have frequent one-to-one conversations with the business leader? Do you discuss the problems they’re looking to solve?
  5. Champion. Does the executive refer new business to you? ​

Using these metrics, we’ll help you identify areas for improvement. We’ll work with you to identify a portfolio approach, with multiple ways to engage, connect, and built trust. With every executive connection becoming a moment of truth, we’ll help to design a program to orchestrate the executive experience.

  • Building a roadmap that ensures your interactions with executives are consistent, reflective of your brand, and aligned with your long-term vision
  • Extending your reach by providing multiple avenues for connection, interaction, and engagement to build rapport and trust
  • Objectively assessing the executive relationship landscape, allowing for course corrections to keep you aligned with your strategic goals

Source: Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index, 2023


  • Develop a strategic approach for consistency, quality, and long-term value
  • Deepen relationships and extend your reach, with a strategy focused on relationship building
  • Multiple ways to connect, engage, and build trust
  • Make course corrections early on, with objective assessment of executive relationship


  • Design executive engagement framework to include integrated portfolio of executive activities, coverage model, and relationships
  • Analyze patterns across executives for targeted programs
  • Profile executives for closer alignment, drive next best action and integrated experiences

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