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Analyzing the needs of your clients - from insight to action

The second most important factor for buyers is a provider that understands their business and goals. 22% say this matters most when making purchasing decisions*.

Understanding your buyers is an essential journey to drive success. Our comprehensive buyer research elevates your understanding of your audience. We delve deep into buyer personas, their intricate buying journeys, and the art of crafting value propositions that truly resonate. This isn’t just research; it’s a transformative strategy that empowers you to forge meaningful connections with your customers and equip your field teams with the tools they need.

We have developed and executed comprehensive key account research studies aimed at identifying potential areas of growth and challenges across strategic accounts. Our approach involves consistently delivering actionable insights and recommendations to both leadership and account teams, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement.

These efforts have yielded remarkable results for our clients, including a substantial doubling of the Net Promoter Score within less than three years, coupled with a x200% enhancement. As part of our commitment to enhancing our clients’ competitive positioning, we’ve established a systematic approach to annually tracking reputation and positioning relative to industry competitors. Our unbiased scoring criteria enables informed decisions regarding content and communication channels to effectively build reputation.

By evaluating our clients’ current positions within strategic client segments, we can identify client segments for expansion, and discover growth opportunities for advocacy and market influence.

Gaining insights into buyer personas unravels the triggers and obstacles in the buying process, enabling you to position and communicate effectively.

Source: Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index, 2023


  • Reduce buyer friction from clients, by understanding and serving the needs of buyers at every stage
  • Develop more engaging and relevant content with deeper understanding of buying personas and the buying process
  • Accelerate time to market informed by when, how, and why people buy a particular solution


  • Buyer research and buyer journey mapping
  • Qualitative and quantitative client research
  • Voice of the customer/client satisfaction studies
  • Message testing

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