Consulting: Key account strategy

Key Account Strategy

Advance marketing maturity

Transform your marketing with a practical, proven combination of analytics, customer-centric insights and a pragmatic approach. We help you build a customer-centric vision and marketing strategy.

The first step is a powerful strategy. Our marketing assessment is built from research and our marketing maturity model. It helps clients to align their teams, develop in-house capabilities to move forward and create a roadmap to progress. Next, we’ll help you make immediate progress and build the internal skills you need to continue delivering the right messages to your customers.


  • Accelerate growth of your most strategic accounts.
  • Enhance how customer facing teams collaborate across your most valuable accounts.
  • Develop a key account management strategy and build internal capabilities.


  • Key account tools and processes from account selection, planning through to sales enablement
  • Key account program office set up
  • Sales & marketing joint planning on key accounts
  • Account insight, account value proposition

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