Private equity

Navigating the changing landscape of private equity

Navigating the changing landscape of private equity

In today's ever-changing landscape, the private equity sector is undergoing a significant transformation.

As the competition for larger deals and clients intensifies, the purchasing process is evolving, presenting both opportunities and challenges for private equity firms.

The challenges are multifaceted. First, increased scrutiny and complexity have made the buying process considerably more demanding. In fact, One-third of buying cycles (33%) end up being put on hold.*

Additionally, a talent gap is emerging, particularly in the formation of Go-to-Market (GTM) teams, making it imperative to build teams with the skills to navigate the intricate process of acquiring technology companies. And the quality of thought leadership has emerged as a critical factor influencing the decisions of business leaders, so exceptional thought leadership can have a positive impact on securing top accounts.

As firms confront this evolving landscape, the adoption of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has surged to the forefront of priorities. Nevertheless, many ABM programs still lack well-defined key elements, emphasizing the need to establish a robust ABM strategy that closely aligns with your overarching business objectives.

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*Source: Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index, 2023

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