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Data-driven insights to empower winning strategies

A third of buying cycles are on the road to nowhere, with 33% of businesses saying they often start on a buying journey and end up putting it on hold*.

Are you looking to understand why some deals succeed while others slip away? Discovering the truths behind wins and losses is crucial for your strategic growth. Success isn’t just about celebrating victories; it’s about learning from setbacks. Only then will you have the complete picture to shape your future strategies.

Our unbiased, evidence-based research empowers you to delve into the dynamics of your success and failure, paving the way for transformative strategies to accelerate your growth.

Buyers’ perceptions of risk have increased – 68% say they’re concerned that complexity and cost are leading to poor decisions*.

We provide a holistic view, offering critical intelligence on your sales process, decision-making, products, pricing, and competitors. These insights go beyond individual sales interactions, allowing you a comprehensive understanding of your markets, segments, competitors, customers, and the intricate ecosystem that surrounds your business.

By delving deeper into these essential aspects, we equip you with the knowledge to confidently track your market position and make strategic moves to position your business for long-term success and growth. Data-driven decision-making helps you understand changes in market demands, competitive offerings, market perceptions/differentiators, giving with the insight you need to remain competitive.

Armed with our findings, you can confidently plan and adapt to changing landscapes, efficiently allocate your resources to maximize opportunities, refine your offerings, and optimize your competitiveness.

*Source: Momentum ITSMA Client Buying Index, 2023


  • Win more races, with knowledge of why you’re winning or losing
  • Understand buyers’ perceptions
  • Get ahead, track your market position, and leverage insight on your future market
  • Make decisions, access fast and relevant intelligence to decide on your moves and resource allocation


  • Win/loss studies
  • Sales enablement
  • Benchmarking and assessments

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