C-Suite Marketing: Four Key Learnings on Digital Executive Engagement with Fujitsu

Momentum ITSMA Staff

June 17, 2021

Four key takeaways on digital executive engagement and the importance of collaboration and connecting with the customer.

C-Suite Marketing: Four Key Learnings on Digital Executive Engagement with Fujitsu

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On Episode 19 of the ITSMA C-Suite Marketing podcast, I dig into the sales and marketing alignment aspect of executive engagement with Fujitsu’s Anamika Gupta, Director & Head of Customer Marketing at Fujitsu Americas, and Sandy Follin, Senior Client Executive – Retail Industry at ‎Fujitsu Americas. Not surprisingly, we focused quite a bit on new types of internal collaboration amid the disruptions of the past year.

In this short video clip, Anamika shares her four takeaways from the shift to digital:

  • There is no magic bullet to executive engagement. It needs to be well thought through, aligned to your account and your organizational goals, and aligned to the needs of the customers.
  • Internal alignment is critical. For a successful, well-orchestrated executive engagement program, you need to bring everybody together: sales, marketing, business development, leadership, pre-sales, the extended marketing team, etc.
  • Keep it simple. Marketers are in the business of human-to-human connections, so keep your content human, personalize it, and make it extremely relevant.
  • Digital is just a channel to connect with the customer. You don’t need high-tech tools or a big investment for executive engagement; when you’re extremely relevant in your approach, you can get the customer’s attention within your given resources and budget.

Listen to the full podcast episode on Apple Podcasts, SpotifySoundcloud, or on your favorite podcast platform. You’ll hear more on Fujitsu’s CXO Speaks program and the reasons Anamika and Sandy think it’s important for sales and marketing to partner when it comes to growing accounts through Account-Based Marketing (ABM), executive engagement, and co-creation.

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