Head of Research

Brad Bortner

Brad Bortner

About Brad

Brad has a rich background in custom research and a deep understanding of the corporate landscape, which drives his dedication for leveraging research to help companies succeed in highly competitive markets.

As Head of Research at Momentum ITSMA, Brad brings over 25 years of experience to the role. Brad’s extensive knowledge in the B2B technology space is characterized by his proficiency in addressing various challenges, from optimizing new product positioning and go-to-market strategies to enhancing branding and driving increased customer loyalty in the face of growing competition.
Brad’s expertise and leadership led him to assume senior positions at companies including Forrester Research, where he led the custom research division, establishing a robust analyst function that provided invaluable support to enterprises seeking research best practices. His significant contributions led him to the position of Vice President of Strategy and Research within Forrester’s marketing group.

He has also held senior positions at Iron Mountain, where he played a pivotal role in transitioning the business from legacy to digital. At Cartesian Consulting, he served as a principal, offering crucial insights to companies operating in the ever-evolving communications and streaming sectors. His role as Executive Director of Research at Cengage was marked by transformative contributions, including the launch of Cengage Unlimited, a groundbreaking offering that disrupted the higher education marketplace.

Brad’s educational credentials include an MBA from Yale University, an MA in Government from the University of Toronto, and a BA from Dickinson College, where he graduated with honors, Phi Beta Kappa distinction, and Magna Cum Laude recognition.

Outside of work, Brad’s interests include photography, movies, adventurous hiking, and globe-trotting. He’s also known for engaging in spirited debates with friends, often contemplating the future of the Western world.