Collaborative ABM as a Business Accelerator

Google Cloud Gets Close to Sales and the Customer to Win Big

Robert Hollier

by Robert Hollier

March 14, 2023


Google Cloud revamped its ABM approach to become a trusted partner in a customer’s digital transformation journey and elevated its reputation as a strategic partner within the pharmaceutical industry – in just six months!

In 2022 Google Cloud made a strategic decision about its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program to focus on deepening relationships with existing customers, this initiative was positioned as a pilot ABM team.

One of the first accounts in the pilot was a pharmaceutical company with which Google Cloud already had a relationship. The opportunity turned out to be significant, as the customer sought a digital transformation partner, not just a solutions provider.

The challenge was twofold: persuade the customer that Google Cloud was more than a vendor and could be a long-term business partner and do this within 6 months to help secure a strategic deal before year end.

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