Case Study

Building three-way vertical propositions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Scality

This organisation wanted to drive sales into key verticals with a compelling, joint value proposition. We helped them develop this proposition and equip partners and sales teams with the tools needed to communicate to prospective customers.
Building three-way vertical propositions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Scality


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is one of the world's leading IT service providers. Scality is a market-leader in the fast-growing area of scale-out object storage. The two companies have a strategic partnership and collaborate proactively on go-to-market activity with the aim of driving sales of both Scality’s storage platform and HPE’s associated infrastructure and services.

HPE & Scality wanted to drive sales into key verticals by working closely with key channel partners to build compelling, joint value propositions. OneGTM helped them develop these three-way propositions and equip partners and sales teams with the tools needed to communicate to prospective customers.

Developed clearer narrative for each verticals

Created useful tools for partner and HPE teams

Generated new pipeline opportunities in target sectors


Although the technological benefits of HPE and Scality’s respective offerings were well understood across the two companies, they were lacking in content that articulated the business value of their joint proposition to targeted verticals. The content that did exist was too focused on product and technology features. HPE and Scality were keen to work with channel partners who could provide insight into the issues facing the individual sectors, however they had no process or framework in place for building joint value propositions with partners. Building clear messaging, which effectively articulated the value of three organisations working together to solve customer problems introduced a level of complexity that needed to be overcome.

HPE and Scality approached OneGTM (now part of Momentum ITSMA) because of our expertise in helping build joint value propositions across multiple parties, and our ability to then translate that into compelling sales collateral. We had been recommended to the HPE/Scality team as a result of other projects we had successfully delivered for HPE.


We conducted background research into the challenges facing each vertical and then facilitated workshops involving Subject Matter Experts from the partners. The emphasis here was on building a compelling story, which explained how the combination of Scality, HPE and their Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners addresses the specific challenges of organisations in that sector. For example, the Higher Education workshop analysed how scale-out object storage could help organisations respond to a more competitive environment, the impact of Brexit and new data protection regulation. In Healthcare we explored the increasing challenge of addressing funding gaps in a pressurised public and political climate, and the need to improve front-line staff productivity. While in Policing, we focused on factors such as the explosive growth in digital evidence and the spike in cybercrime.

Based on the workshop outputs, we then developed the messaging framework for each vertical and brought the stories to life through a series of animated Vertical Proposition Decks. These were complemented by comprehensive briefing notes to help salespeople tell the story and present the joint propositions.


The outputs were very well received within HPE and Scality, with a lot of positive feedback about the way we were able to build a clear narrative for each of the verticals, which showed how the combined capabilities of the partners worked together the needs of the that sector. The decks are also proving valuable tools for partner and HPE sales teams to help communicate the proposition to prospective customers.

As a result of the project’s success, we were subsequently engaged by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Scality to help build out the broader GTM for their target verticals.

" We were very impressed at Momentum ITSMA (formerly OneGTM)’s ability to develop a compelling story for each of the sectors we wanted to target, and then communicate that story through an effective set of sales tools.

Neil Houghton

EMEA Channel Sales Director, Scality