C-Suite Marketing: The Intersection of ABM and Executive Engagement

Momentum ITSMA Staff

October 12, 2020

A recent discussion with Jennifer Jackson, VP at Teradata, shed light on how they are leveraging the relationships built through ABM to be relevant to their customers’ C-suites

C-Suite Marketing: The Intersection of ABM and Executive Engagement

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A few weeks ago, I sat down with Jennifer Jackson, Vice President, Marketing Strategy and Operations at Teradata, to talk on the C-Suite Marketing Podcast about Teradata’s executive engagement program. Strengthening C-suite relationships is one of four strategic initiatives that Jennifer oversees at Teradata, and the intersection between Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Executive Engagement programs is one of the most important aspects of the work.

To begin, Jennifer highlighted the first tenet of Executive Engagement: You only get one shot at the top of the pyramid and you don’t want to miss the mark. Given that Teradata specializes in data and analytics, it’s no surprise that Jennifer and her team take an analytic approach to executive engagement.

Research is fundamental to an effective approach, she says, and you have to understand not only the real business problems of the executives you’re trying to reach, but also their communication style, where they get their information, and more. If you can’t fully appreciate the customer’s view, how can marketing create content that resonates with the C-Suite?

Jennifer was already working closely with sales for Teradata’s ABM programs, which span One-to-One, One-to-Few, and One-to-Many approaches. The marketing and sales connection became even stronger when building the Executive Engagement program. Harnessing the energy from One-to-One ABM, marketing and account team leaders could now sit together, define a custom approach to C-suite customers, and contribute equally to an updated account plan. It has become a team effort and siloes have broken down as sales, marketing, consulting, finance, and others are now aligned on the same mission.

Teradata’s Executive Engagement program goes beyond ABM, as well, with a broad focus on testing and developing new ways to connect with executive audiences, including partnerships with third parties to better address C-suite needs.

From an operational perspective, Jennifer and her team also spend a great deal of time assessing program impacts and value, especially in light of fast-changing customer and market dynamics. As the world shifts, do our investments match where the world is heading? Are we doing the right thing to move the needle for the company and, more importantly, our customers? What do we need to do differently to solve these new problems?

To hear more about the intersection of ABM and executive engagement at Teradata, listen to the full podcast episode. You’ll also hear:

  • How Teradata’s C-Suite is connecting to the client C-suite
  • Which new marketing activities are not going away
  • Why smaller events might be the way of the future
  • How to orchestrate content and create opportunities to connect at the executive level

Another opportunity to hear from Jennifer is on October 14 when she will be a featured speaker on the webcast, B2B Earthquakes: Building Strategy and Plans to Bend, not Break, part of BrightTALK’s Summit on The Future of B2B Marketing: Predictions, Priorities and Planning. Moderated by ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt, Jennifer will join other panelists, CMOs from Citrix, Esri, and Gibraltar Industries, for an inside look at strategy and planning amid our profoundly unsettled environment.