Social Media for ABM: A New Momentum ITSMA ABM Podcast

Momentum ITSMA Staff

April 10, 2018

Momentum ITSMA podcast, Practicing ABM, jointly produced with MomentumABM, digs into the opportunities and challenges of using social media to strengthen account-based marketing...

Social Media for ABM: A New Momentum ITSMA ABM Podcast

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Interested in how to use social media to support your ABM program? Wondering how best to tap your social team to support growth with your key accounts? Check out the inaugural episode of Practicing ABM, our new podcast produced jointly with MomentumABM, the specialist, full-spectrum ABM agency. As the host, I’m obviously biased, but I think you’ll find it packed with some great ideas, insights, and fresh thinking on the opportunities – and challenges – of leveraging social for ABM.

The  discussion highlights the experience of MomentumABM’s Samara Donald, VP and Americas Regional Director, and Strategy Director Luella Ben Aziz, and we dig into a range of issues, including using social to help select the best accounts for ABM, deepen account intelligence, and engage with targeted clients and prospects.

As important, we talk about some practical challenges, especially as you scale your ABM programs:

  • Who should engage, and how?
  • What approaches make sense for sales people, marketing, subject matter experts?
  • How best to connect with the C-suite?
  • What types of training are most important?
  • How to balance the desire to automate with the need for authentic, individual engagement and relationship development?
  • What types of activities to keep in-house and what to consider outsourcing?
  • What metrics matter most?

We’d love your feedback on the substance as well as our general approach. We’re just testing the format, so welcome any and all comments, questions, and suggestions for additional topics and approaches.