Building Go-to-Market Teams

Process & Organizational Design

Design and evolve with customer centric org

We’ll help you identify structure, roles and new ways of working to embed customer-centric marketing strategy beyond your ABM program. Our approach helps you build internal processes that are flexible, so you can test for results and adapt continuously and quickly, making these capabilities a core element of your marketing organization. This includes aligning leadership and culture to drive customer-centric behavior and outperform your peers.


  • Optimize performance, sharpen return on investment through a refreshed program strategy and drive innovation
  • Remove organization friction, simplifying core processes and building customer centric processes around buying cycles
  • Optimize resource allocation, aligning teams to high return activities and embedding account-based mindset across the organization


  • Marketing maturity assessment
  • Process review
  • Operating model
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing roadmap

Marketing Maturity Model