Sales Enablement in a Hybrid World: Marketing’s Role

Momentum ITSMA Staff

January 13, 2022

Alisha Lyndon, Founder & CEO, Momentum and Liz Harrison, Partner, McKinsey & Company, discuss B2B marketing as a strategic business driver, with specific emphasis on how sales enablement is evolving and where it's headed.

Sales Enablement in a Hybrid World: Marketing’s Role

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In October, I had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Liz Harrison, Partner, McKinsey & Company, during ITSMA’s 27th annual Marketing Vision Conference. Liz and I discussed an array of topics related to the role of sales enablement B2B in a world of digital, remote, and hybrid selling.

In particular, we explored the role of marketing in enabling sales and where it’s heading.

Below is a brief (two and half minutes) clip of our 45-minute discussion. In this clip, you’ll hear Liz offer advice on how marketing can drive organization growth through sales enablement:

  • While sales enablement does not need to live within marketing, marketing absolutely has to play a role.
  • Marketing should be more involved in the strategic elements of sales enablement, such as developing value propositions and providing customer insights to best position your company’s offerings.
  • Marketing should play a critical role in defining the ideal customer experience.

Take a look…

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*Note: If you want to view the replay of the full presentation from Marketing Vision 2021, please go to our On-Demand page for more details. If you registered for the conference, then you already have access. The on-demand content is free for members and a nominal charge for non-members.