ITSMA and Momentum: What to Expect Going Forward

Momentum ITSMA Staff

August 5, 2021

The response to the recent news of ITSMA joining Momentum has sparked interesting conversations with members, clients, and friends across the B2B community.

ITSMA and Momentum: What to Expect Going Forward

This article was shared before we integrated Momentum ITSMA into one single company, bringing all of our capabilities together. Learn more.

The response to the recent news of ITSMA joining Momentum has sparked interesting conversations with members, clients, and friends across the B2B community. We are appreciative of your positive messages and we are excited to be connecting with many of you individually, to share information about what this means for our members, how it will enhance our research, what new services we can now offer, and how our joint venture will help provide deeper insights into the ways marketing is driving strategic growth in the business.

We are also fielding some questions from folks who are concerned that ITSMA will not retain its commitment to impartial research, advisory services, training, and education. As you can imagine, I’m very proud of what we’ve built over the past 27 years and I want to be a steward of what we create in the future. I am confident that Momentum is the right partner as we develop talent and invest in new research, support and expand our membership program, and enhance our advisory and training capabilities to serve our members and clients as B2B marketing continues to transform.

As we set off on the next phase of our journey together, I’d like to offer more detail for you about what’s staying the same, what’s new, and what’s next.


What’s staying the same?

The values and priorities that have always defined ITSMA will not change. Member and client service, research-based insight, and building an open, vibrant, peer-sharing community continue to be our main areas of focus, and we are thrilled to have found a partner who understands and values this approach.

We will also keep the same teams and processes, so your work and relationships with us will continue seamlessly.

In addition, we remain fully committed to a member- and client-centric approach based on our history of:

  • Conducting agnostic benchmark and best-practice research and protecting participant privacy, so you can continue to rely on our research and insight as a trusted resource.
  • Delivering our education, training, and events in the manner members and clients have always expected: attracting high-caliber attendees and speakers, while sharing our latest research and thought leadership delivered by subject matter experts.
  • Safeguarding the independence of our membership community.
  • Advancing marketing’s leadership role in B2B organizations.

What’s new?

Put simply: we’re adding breadth, depth, and experience.

Our research into leading marketing practices was, is, and always will be the foundation of ITSMA. Joining with Momentum allows us to include more topflight companies in our research, as well as our events, and the broader mix of B2B companies will invariably bring more new thinking and ideas to the community.

We also get to combine the insight, experience, and people from both organizations to help our clients with strategy development and execution support.

Practically speaking, this means our members and clients have access to a much larger team of researchers, advisors, practitioners, trainers, creatives, and other experts, all with experience in the most strategic elements of B2B marketing. This includes market and competitive intelligence, marketing strategy, organizational development, ABM, thought leadership, executive engagement, brand building, client loyalty, sales enablement, and more.

It also allows us to be much more flexible in bringing resources with the knowledge and experience to make an immediate impact.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, the combination of ITSMA and Momentum will bring additional value to members and clients as we continue to innovate and integrate our go-to-market strategies and teams.

We are investing in strengthening our membership program so we can offer deeper insight, broader networking opportunities, and greater access to support for the ITSMA member community.

Where appropriate, we will begin to integrate ITSMA’s and Momentum’s consulting and training capabilities. Together, ITSMA and Momentum possess the scale to expand our service offerings to add business value across a number of areas. These include:

  • ABM strategy, program, and pilot development
  • Market, account, and competitive intelligence
  • Key account growth plans and positioning strategies
  • Buyer personas and journey mapping
  • Account-facing content and creative services
  • Value proposition development
  • Executive, partner, and customer advocacy programs
  • Sales planning and enablement

As we shared in our State of the Marketing Profession webinar at the beginning of the year, marketing has shown tremendous strength, creativity, and agility in responding to the disruptions of the past 18 months.

We believe that combining forces with Momentum will enable members and clients to address more of their most strategic go-to-market challenges, tap into an expanding set of capabilities, and participate in a growing community of B2B marketing leaders.

To discover more about how the combined services of Momentum and ITSMA can support your agenda, or if you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out to me or other members of our team directly.