ABM Fundamentals

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) delivers results. But how do you get started with ABM? How do you know you’re actually developing a strategic ABM program and not just a glorified demand generation system?

We’ve trained hundreds of marketers who have gone on to implement award-winning ABM programs.

Succeeding with ABM requires a complex blend of leadership, business acumen, and a range of specific marketing skills. And, as with anything, you have to learn the fundamentals before you can grow your program.

Momentum ITSMA’s Fundamentals of ABM Training course can help you build a strong foundation. The Fundamentals of ABM course helps B2B marketers understand when and how to use ABM, select the right accounts, and practice the seven steps involved in building an ABM plan.

During the Fundamentals of ABM Training, you’ll:

  • Learn from top ABM experts
  • Explore real-world case studies
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Network with peers facing similar ABM challenges

About the Fundamentals of ABM Training Course

Also known as “The ABCs of ABM,” this eight-hour, online course is designed for B2B marketers who are pivoting to an ABM strategy or jumpstarting a dormant program.

It is specifically designed for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of ABM and how it can help increase revenues, create new and stronger relationships, and build your organization’s reputation.

After the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the difference between ABM and traditional demand generation campaigns
  • Select the right accounts for your program
  • Understand what is driving accounts
  • Identify and prioritize “plays” for your target accounts
  • Profile stakeholders and create buyer personas
  • Create customized value propositions
  • Design and execute integrated sales and marketing campaigns
  • Measure and communicate the impact made on reputation, relationships, and revenue growth

What are the next training dates?

Momentum ITSMA now provides training virtually, offering sessions for North America, EMEA, and APAC regions. We also work with companies to provide custom , virtual training. See our list of current dates below (check back for updates):

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