Case Study

Helping a financial leader transform its offer

We helped financial services leader State Street maximize its $2.6bn acquisition of Charles River and launch a new proposition, the Alpha platform.
Helping a financial leader transform its offer


We helped a financial services leader* maximize its $2.6bn acquisition to launch it’s new combined proposition and drive significant revenue growth. By responding fast to a high-stakes situation and leading a series of team sprints, we gained buy-in from executives in both firms, built a distinctive value proposition, and accelerated time-to-market for the transformed offer – winning new customers.

90+ executives and leaders aligned

22% YOY revenue growth after acquisition

$83 billion in new revenue from Alpha in 2021


  • Financial services leader announces it will acquire front-office order management system provider
  • Deal questioned by analysts, media, and some shareholders.
  • The firm needs to rapidly deliver on its ambitions to combine data and analytics with its traditional asset services
  • Specific challenge for the executive teams to create:
    - New platform to integrate two offerings
    - Strong positioning outside core business
    - Effective execution of a first-of-its-kind offer


  • We created and ran workshops with the leadership teams of both firms, achieving alignment through an intense integration phase
  • Developed the customer offer, building a distinct value proposition and driving an account-based focus
  • Applied insights to prioritize must-win accounts with a focus on early buyers
  • Empowered customer-facing and enablement teams to rapidly position and land the new offer using sales playbooks, battlecards, and pitch decks


  • Successful launch, rapid market traction, and fast rise to category leadership in front-to-back automation
  • Revenue of $83 billion from the new proposition in 2021
  • 90+ executives and leaders aligned from both businesses
  • 22% YOY revenue growth after acquisition for the overall group

*We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

" What we saw happening, within almost a quarter of us acquiring the firm and conceptualising the new proposition was the pipeline started building and we were doing a lot of development.

CEO, Global Financial Services leader

Global Financial Services leader