Growing top account revenue for global technology vendor


One of our founding clients*, appointed us as its prime partner to help establish key account growth plans and build out its ABM practice. We have now worked across hundreds of it’s key accounts, impacted a $13bn+ pipeline, driven up consumption of Cloud based services, and inspired advocates. Their win rate is 5x higher when we’re involved.

At a glance

$13bn in total revenues supported

5x win rate improvement

110 accounts in the program


  • Many acquisitions made, resulting in 52 separate sales teams
  • Need to roll out key account program to better align and engage with top customers
  • Wanted to ensure it presented a united front to customers and built on the strengths of legacy relationships


  • Developed key account plans using account insight and our seven-step framework to enhance audience engagement and develop customer value propositions
  • Worked with sales and marketing teams to align on a single strategy, create customer-specific content and enhance customer buying experience


  • Equipped hundreds of account teams to position the company’s offering in relevant and integrated way to each of it’s biggest customers
  • $13bn in total revenues supported
  • 5x win rate improvement
  • 110 accounts in the program

*We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

" It’s a combination of the long-haul and the short-term opportunities and Momentum can help us enormously in both scenarios, that's where the strength really comes from, it's being a specialist and understanding what we need.

Senior Vice President,

Global technology vendor

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