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We worked with digital solutions leader VMware* to empower its sales teams. Through a research study, benchmarking tool, account data insight, and custom reports, we helped teams strengthen customer relationships, awareness, and brand perceptions. Launched in 2018, the program continues to have very high account manager participation. And our intelligence reports are a key asset in VMWare’s growth toolkit.

At a glance

98% account manager participation

120 CIOs engaged

$80m of pipeline in the first year of launching


  • VMWare needed to initiate a compelling value based conversation with CIOs
  • New platform was required to leverage and better engage top accounts
  • Conversions needed need to convert from meetings into real revenue opportunities


  • We designed a benchmark tool to capture key information points and inform custom reporting
  • Created data-driven custom reports for all key accounts
  • Account teams empowered with thought leadership content and key points to help guide customer conversations


  • Customer-facing teams equipped with powerful intelligence to start new buying conversations
  • 98% account manager participation
  • 120 CIOs engaged
  • $80m of pipeline in first year of starting

*We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.

" As we drive VMware’s next phase of growth, we’re going to intensify our focus on what our customers care about the most.

Raghu Raghuram


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