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We invented the concept of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in 2003 and haven’t stopped honing it since.

Together, we can sharpen your client focus, enable compete client-centricity and engage your markets like never before.

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120+ ABM experts focussed on your growth


$100b revenue growth delivered for our clients

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To over 100 global clients from the Global 2k

" The most critical component of key account growth is the work we’re doing together - understanding accounts, planning with intention and drawing on best practice tools to bring clarity.

William Green

Senior Vice President USA, Arvato

" The biggest success we've had is our partnership with you. 
In particular, the thought process around the content that we build together and the insights that we deliver back into the account team.

Carrie Holmes, Director of Marketing

Strategic Accounts at Microsoft

" There is no way that any other partner would be able to do this type of strategic work at this pace.
This is truly outstanding work.

Hannah Grove

Chief Marketing Officer (former), State Street

Grow Your Most Valuable Customers - the ABM book

The Executive’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing explains how to build a successful account-based strategy, create powerful customer collaboration and drive sustained revenue growth. With first-hand insights from our own work, the book looks at the key principles of ABM, as well as critical success factors and how to measure them.

The book also includes findings from two of our industry-leading studies, and contributions from Senior Vice President Rob Leavitt, Partner Robert Hollier, and Chief Community Officer, Dave Munn.

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abm podcasts

Our conversations with global ABM leaders and experts really get under the skin of important ABM matters.

Sharing views, tips and knowledge to help you embed ABM, our podcast guests tackle thought-provoking subjects, and discuss the developments molding the future of market-leading strategies.

Over 50,000 marketing leaders have listened to our ABM podcasts to get valuable insights and inspiration for growth.

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abm insights

We are your window to the ABM landscape.

Our world-leading studies uncover unique insights to help you shape your ABM strategies and achieve market-beating growth. We discover trends, make research-based predictions, and share our findings so you can turn insight into action.

Our market intelligence empowers you to execute leading ABM strategies.

Global enterprises trust Momentum ITSMA.

We are the trusted partner for leading global enterprises. Our consultants bring deep understanding of four core sectors - technology, telecoms, professional services, and financial services.

FM Global
Capital Group
Swiss Re
Tech Mahindra
SAP Concur
State Street

ABM certification for you and your team

By combining our unrivalled intelligence with best practice-led learning pathways, we give your teams the knowledge and confidence they need to drive greater impact. So far, we’ve trained and certified over 2,000 practitioners.

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We know your accounts

It takes expertise to identify the many commercial and personal factors driving a buyer’s decisions. It takes expertise to turn buyer insights into a rigorous, distinctive strategy. It takes expertise to translate insights and strategy that speaks the buyer’s language, deepens relationships, and motivates action.

We have deep domain expertise in technology, financial and professional services, with the proven ability to look both deep within a market to identify evolving account needs and expectations.

With more than 10 years of targeting the global 2,000, we know your customers inside out.

We enhance this with cutting-edge research across the business and buying process with the Momentum ITSMA Customer Buying Index® (CBX).

ABM insights

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Benefits of the Momentum ITSMA approach

Your customers

  • Your customers feel better understood as a result of your in-depth analysis and understanding
  • You provide fresh perspectives and enable customers to understand your offerings, strategy, and solutions on their terms
  • You increase your customer satisfaction and experience

Sales and marketing teams

  • You achieve alignment within sales and marketing teams, strengthening your go-to-market efforts
  • You uncover new opportunities, extend reach into the customer, and accelerate customer buying cycles
  • You build capability and enable your teams to have a bigger impact

Your business

  • You create sustained growth through improved market perception and more valuable customer relationships
  • You align your go-to-market teams around your customers, with no silos, meaning you’re easier to do business with
  • You’re able to cut through market noise and differentiate

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We offer unparalleled analytic and organizational tools for account-based growth. Together, we can create an enduring customer-centric culture.

ABM Training & Certification

Professional training from Momentum ITSMA on the fundamentals of ABM for your teams via live instruction and self-paced eLearning and certification.

ABM Account- assessment

Benchmark your current approach against best-in-class programs, highlighting the strengths that can be leveraged, together with a gap analysis and opportunities for improvement.